Review: Fantastic Effort From Phish in Mansfield

[Photo by Parker Harrington]

A well played, high energy first set gave way to a second stanza that would explore jam spaces and build a party vibe with the happy crowd. Opening with one of the strongest 3.0 songs, Get Back On The Train, the band ripped through yet another screaming version for their version of Rock and Roll. A magnificent jam that traveled threw several distinct segments, each band member seemingly took a turn leading the improv through areas of energetic, dark and peaceful jams. An effort that probably hasn’t been since in Rock and Roll since 2003, the version was quickly added to the growing list of amazing explorations on this tour. After 15-plus minutes, the band settled into a set of Mango Song, Bug and the underplayed Pebbles and Marbles. Prior to that last song, the energized Boston crowd successfully started an impromptu “Let’s Go Bruins” chant with the band providing musical cues and Kuroda adding his own lighting to the rhythm. Boston at its finest. The show closed with a segment of Halley’s Comet (sans jam), Meatstick and a Meatstick-laden Run Like An Antelope. Not content with the high energy finish, the band returned with yet another amazing version of Suzy Greenberg, featuring amazing piano work by Page, to finish off the batteries of the crowd.

Great Woods has always been a storied venue, last night it got a show worthy of that past. Fantastic effort.

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