Caribbean Holidaze: A D.U.M.B. Trip to Jamaica

Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits have announced the details of their Caribbean Holidaze excursion to Jamaica in December. Right by ‘da beach.

The two bands will play three shows each between December 13th and 17th, with Keller Williams, The Duo, Mad Professor with the Ariwa Posse and the D.U.M.B. side-project Brain-Damaged Eggmen performing as well. In a move someone is bound to regret, the $845 – $1895 (per person, double occupancy) packages include all the liquor you can drink. That is gonna be one crazy scene as everyone tries to recoup their initial investment. The “super-inclusive” packages also include all concerts, meals, gratuities, transfers, and well…pretty much everything except airfare and drugs.

Umphreaks and Biscokidz will have the choice of staying at the party-rific Hedonism or the laid-back Breezes at Runaway Bay (we’re thinking tilted hats and clothes will be optional at Hedonism’s beaches and pools). Pre-booking begins on May 16th, with a general on-sale date of June 11th. Cloud 9 will only sell 400 rooms for this trip, so if you do plan on attending, be sure to signup for the pre-book. And as the bands warn on the website, “Bring your A-game.”

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5 thoughts on “Caribbean Holidaze: A D.U.M.B. Trip to Jamaica

  1. Ace Cowboy Reply

    I think a lot of people’s parents are gonna be shelling out tons of cash for this trip!

  2. ginz Reply

    mom can i get an advance on my allowance? lmao

  3. Ethan Reply

    Ginz, will we finally get to find out if the rug matches the curtain at Hedo???

  4. ginz Reply

    hint: it’s bushier, think starsky circa 78

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