Re-reformation: Cream to Reunite…Again

Jack Bruce, who based on aging looks alone may actually be Robert the Bruce‘s grandfather, broke the news this week that Cream will definitely be playing at least one show later this year. reported that Bruce confirmed that he had just agreed to take to the stage again with his old mates Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton while at an appearance at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

Old habits are hard to break, and apparently things didn’t progress swimmingly for the trio during their comeback shows in 2005:

Clapton persuaded Bruce and Baker to reunite in 2005 after a 37-year split. But the ill will resurfaced, with Baker accusing Bruce of turning up his bass to deafening levels during a Madison Square Garden show, and Clapton appeared uncomfortable on stage.

As members of the MSG crowd on that run, we certainly second the notion that Slowhand looked uncomfortable on stage. But we’d attribute that more to the colossal technical chasm between Clapton and his old mates that has emerged in the power trio’s four-decade hiatus. But Baker now claims to be fully recovered from a liver transplant, and we’d be more than willing to get back into their big black car.

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  1. I thought the 3rd night of MSG actually showed some signed of potential. I did notice the tension the first 2 nights and it clearly affected the playing. Having said that, I would have no desire to see a stand alone show 2 years later.

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