May 25, 2007

Get Yer Rocks Off: Basking In Apollo Sunshine

Apollo Sunshine once again proved that rock and/or roll is alive and kicking on last night’s Rocks Off boat cruise.

Warm weather, blue skies and, well, sunshine offered a perfect environment for a three-hour floating rock show around lower Manhattan, and Apollo Sunshine provided a high-energy blast of power pop, heavy on the power.

All photos by Ace Cowboy

You can try to list some similar-sounding bands to describe their sound, but you’d have to list at least six or seven to even attempt to portray a realistic vision of what we heard last night. It was truly a perfect evening of music, friends, gorgeous views, the Queen Mary II and a gigantic double necked bass/guitar.

Read on to see whether Scotty got a good look up Lady Liberty’s knickers…

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Re-reformation: Cream to Reunite…Again

Jack Bruce, who based on aging looks alone may actually be Robert the Bruce‘s grandfather, broke the news this week that Cream will definitely be playing at least one show

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Friday Mix Tape: Memorial Day Movies

Our caretaker mix tape manager Neddy is back on the case this week…and while he makes his way upstate with his family unit, we’ll post this missive from his outbox: “Memorial

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Friday’s Leftovers: ‘Roo Sked

Hear that? That’s the clamorous sound of 80,000 laser jets jamming as they try to print out the monstrous tome that is the Bonnaroo schedule. Kudos to Superfly for putting together such

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Antje Duvekot & Lucy Kaplansky: Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA 5/10/07

Boston-based Antje Duvekot recently opened a well-attended show headlined by Lucy Kaplansky at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern, and the two put on a wonderful show. The main complaint, particularly as related to Duvekot’s part of the show, was that Duvekot arrived late, having been on a later-than-expected flight, and was able to play only a few songs.

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