Mix Tape: Van Damn! It’s Friday! (Vol. III)

In celebration of the Equifunk Festival and the Three Grown Men covering it, this Friday, it’s all about funk horns and ridiculous rhythm.

Here is some conjecture to ease you in:

  • If women were made of whiskey, men would fist fight more frequently but exhibit greater general happiness.
  • Jean-Claude has made gratuitous nudity an important part of his career, perhaps more so than leotards.
  • Lil’ Wayne + Vodka & Milk = Awesome Drank
  • This playlist will raise the average Friday conception rate by .01%

Hop out of your haze and let this bad bitch tickle your ear, squeeze your inner thigh and split-kick your Friday into action.

[Textbook Case of the Freedom Fridays]

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4 Responses

  1. I think I’ve used all the JVCD animations in existence.

    I may actually attend a .gif course to keep this going.

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