Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Fire, Baaaad.

Our friend Gragek recently implored us to forget all the versions of Frankenstein and Boogie On Reggae Woman that we’d ever heard and check out Marcus Miller‘s renditions instead. So I downloaded Miller’s 2005 album Silver Rain, which contains both covers, and I’ve already listened to the whole record twice over.

Miller’s the former bassist for Miles Davis, who called him “the best bass player I had had in a long, long time” in his autobiography (Miles also said “Plus, he was a funny motherfucker who kept everyone int he band loose…That motherfucker could play four or five instruments — guitar, bass, saxophone and some other things.”).

Miles, obviously, knows his shit, and so does Gragek. So let’s check out this hot video of Miller’s band playing Frankenstein at Tokyo Jazz in 2005:


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