June 1, 2007

Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Man Smart, Woman Smarter

We’re eschewing our regular The Kidzz Are Alright end-of-the-week segment of ‘Tubes in favor of the following video, which can only be described as “sweet ass sweet,” or “fantastically bitchin’.” Let’s start

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The Police Week Concludes: Tighten Up

This post marks the end of The Police Week here on Hidden Track. But we have one more treat to share before signing off: We’ve got full audio of the band’s opening gig from Monday night in Vancouver, as well as a review of the band’s first disaster gig in 23 years from Stewart Copeland himself.

Photo by Digg Doug

The choice is yours: You can download the entire show in two separate segments, or you can go song by song below. Color us fairly impressed with the new arrangements of old songs, but these guys clearly need to get a few more shows under their collective belt before they hit a groove. Hopefully they’ll tighten up and fly right by the time they come through the East Coast…

Setlist: Message In A Bottle, Synchronicity II, Don’t Stand So Close To Me, Voices Inside My Head > When The World Is Running Down…, Spirits In The Material World, Driven to Tears, Walking On The Moon, Truth Hits Everybody, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Wrapped Around Your Finger, The Bed’s Too Big Without You, Murder By Numbers, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, Invisible Sun, Walking In Your Footsteps, Can’t Stand Losing You, Roxanne
Encore: King Of Pain, So Lonely, Every Breath You Take
Encore 2: Next To You

Read on for Stewart Copeland’s take on the band’s first disaster gig in 23 years

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Friday’s Leftovers: Too. Much. News.

The third-annual Mountain Jam kicks off today at Hunter Mountain, where Warren Haynes has prepared an extremely homogeneous, yet killer lineup for the three day festie. If you’re like us

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