Robinson Gets His Red Rocks Off w/ Furthur

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Since You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere was first recorded in 1967, the Basement Tapes tune has been covered by a wide variety of artists including The Byrds, Phish, Shania Twain, Bloodkin and both the Black Crowes and Chris Robinson’s solo bands. We looked at 20 great versions of the tune for a 2007 B List. Start the UStream embed below to hear Furthur’s take on You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere with Chris Robinson.

The second set took a more psychedelic turn following Robinson’s sit in as the That’s It For The Other One song suite led into The Wheel followed by a Supplication Jam, Death Don’t Have No Mercy and the China > Rider pairing. Furthur returns to Red Rocks tonight for the second of three shows at the gorgeous venue.

Here’s audio of Set Two thanks to TaperRob…

And most of Set One…

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9 thoughts on “Robinson Gets His Red Rocks Off w/ Furthur

  1. monkey99 Reply

    where is the first set? this is the only rcording i am finding this fine morning 10/1/2011.

  2. Meh Reply

    Not a fan of chris robertson.

    I was working somewhere that the crowes were headlining

    and it seemed that everyone in the crowes were walking on

    eggshells when chris was in the room.

    All hail KING CHRIS


  3. non-ya Reply

    CR gets a bad rap around the dead community for some odd reason…the man can flat out sing…and what he does the stranger(two souls in communion) is outstanding…all haters can suck it… ALL HAIL MEH SAYS…

  4. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @monkey99 – Could only find a partial of Set One on TaperRob’s UStream channel. I have added it to the post.

    @meh – Hate to hear that, but regardless of anything that man can sing

    @non-ya – It’s weird seeing who the dead community accepts and who they don’t. Trey is another guy who seems to get lots of hate for his work with the surviving members of The Dead.

  5. Crowesfan Reply

    @meh-Who is Chris “Robertson”? Dumba**

  6. ACE F. Reply

    Mr. Robinson is awesome! nice collaboration!

  7. Lou R. Reply

    I like how CR is Paul Stanleying the guitar…playing here and there…

  8. Oliver Reply

    Two Souls In Communion is a great tune.

  9. dboy01 Reply

    who is the stage right guitar player??? does anyone know? need to know!!!!

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