Dave’s Picks Will Replace Road Trips in 2012

Earlier this month we reported that the Grateful Dead were bringing the Road Trips series of archival releases to a close with Vol. 4 No. 5 featuring all of the band’s June 9, 1976 performance in Boston. The announcement about the end of Road Trips hinted at a future archival series and this weekend we got the details of what the Dead and Rhino Records have in store for us.

In the first all-digital version of the Grateful Dead Almanac, it has been revealed that early next year the first installment of a new archival series called Dave’s Picks will be released. Following in the footsteps of the late Dick Latvala and the groundbreaking Dick’s Picks series, current Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux will focus on complete shows for this new project and aims to put out four releases per year. The first release, which is set to come out in February, is a legendary show from May 25, 1977 at The Mosque in Richmond, Virginia.

Unlike past GD archival series, Dave’s Picks releases will be limited-edition affairs with only 12,000 individually numbered copies available of each installment. For now, the only way to order Dave’s Picks 1 is through a 2012 Subscription Package, which will run you for $95.50 (for U.S. residents) and gets you the first four releases (February, May, August and November) for a total of 12 CDs over the course of the year. You’ll also get free domestic shipping and handling on all of ’em and a bonus disc for the May release.

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2 Responses

  1. I think he could have come up with a more original name for the series…biting off Latvala isnt cool.

    that said, you could call it a ham sandwich…live pristine DEAD?

    I’ll take it!

  2. This is great news in my view. David L. has demonstrated great taste in the past with the weekly streams and occasional download projects. Dude has the inside view and, big hint here, if he’s in the driver’s seat for the new series, maybe Rhino will give him the latitude do some new VIDEO PROJECTS! Damn I miss VFTV! Anyway, looking forward to the initial February release and hope the artwork remains, well.. awesome.

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