Listen To This Shit: PGroove’s PERPle Rain

The guys in Perpetual Groove have been coming up with interesting Halloween themes for years. Whether it was a John Hughes-themed celebration in 2009, the Karate Kid set in 2008 or last year’s Diamonds Are Forever theme, the Athens-based band continues to come up with good ideas and executes them well. For this year’s Halloween show at Birmingham’s WorkPlay Theatre, PGroove mixed four Prince covers in with several jammed out originals for a performance billed as PERPle Rain.

[Brock Butler as Prince – via PGroove’s Facebook Page]

The show opened with PGroove guitarist Brock Butler performing a life-themed set and then continued on to the two improv-heavy main sets. Atlanta musician Gary Paulo lent a hand on the Prince covers, playing sax on Kiss, Darling Nikki and Musicology and guitar for Purple Rain.

Set One: Man With All The Answers, Kiss*, Cairo, Drink Then Fill, Teakwood Betz

Set Two: Darling Nikki*, At The Screen, Lemurs, Musicology*, Mr. Transitor

Encore: Purple Rain*

* Prince Cover
Gary Paulo on sax for Kiss, Darling Nikki & Musicology and guitar for Purple Rain

Thanks to Taylor C.’s audience recording, take a listen to PGroove’s Musicology and Purple Rain covers from Monday night’s show…

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