Allie’s Adventures in Eating: Brooklyn Bowl Volume One

Bowling, awesome food and live music.

Brooklyn Bowl has a recipe for success after opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2009, and since then, has become one of my favorite live music venues in New York City. Beyond the music, it’s always entertaining to order food and show off my bowling skills–or lack thereof.


When Steve Kimock announced that he was playing two shows here, Chris and I were giddy with excitement. I can’t count how many nights that we’ve indulged in their famous Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken while sipping on their tasty assortment of local Brooklyn brews, such as Sixpoint Craft Ales.

Speaking of their fried chicken, this is the dish which has deservedly received the most press.

Brooklyn Bowl Fried Chicken

The meat is tender and juicy, while the skin is crispy and golden brown. My only complaint, while minor, is that the seasoning is very Old Bay heavy. This makes the coating quite salty–even for my “obsessed with salt” palette–compared with other versions I’ve eaten.

My favorite sides for the succulent poultry are house-made Collard Greens with Bacon and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy. The collards are divine! They have cubes of slab bacon mixed in, which add to the smoky flavor inherent in the greens–after being slow-cooked for hours. I have to be careful not to eat too many mashers, since they’re extremely rich. The gravy is also rich and heavily seasoned. It’s fun to dip chicken skin in gravy to tone down the Old Bay flavor, but honey is provided for those who prefer to mix sweet with savory.

Since fried chicken is extremely filling and generally reserved for nights that I’m not dancing all night, my all-purpose favorite is the BLT.

Brooklyn Bowl BLT

I told Chris recently that I wanted to marry the BLT, as it is simple, but scrumptious. They use olive oil mayo, and the country white bread has almost a brioche quality to it. My favorite part about this sandwich is the bacon–duh. It is piled on in small slices, so you are assured to get crunchy bacon in every bite.

Chris’s favorite two dishes are “The Beach” French Bread Pizza and the “Really” Sloppy Joe.

Brooklyn Bowl Pulled Pork Pizza

Brooklyn Bowl Sloppy Joe

One of six varieties to choose from, “The Beach” has pulled pork and pickled peppers on it. Although the flavors are fun, I’ve never been a huge fan of french bread pizza–too much crust for me.

The sloppy joe, on the other hand, is wild and fun! Topped with cole slaw and peppers, the composition of this “fork and knife” delight is executed very well. If you enjoy spice, this sandwich is definitely for you, as they do a nice job of melding sweet and spicy in the ground beef.

All in all, it was great to return to Brooklyn Bowl. We danced our tails off for two nights courtesy of Mr. Kimock, bowled a pair of games and feasted like kings (and queens) once again. I’d imagine that I’ll be writing about my fun experiences there in the future, so if you are already looking forward to the next adventure, don’t fret–this is only Volume One.

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  1. That’s why it’s only Volume One! Brooklyn Bowl will have its own Hidden Track encyclopedia in no time. Thanks for the suggestion on the knish.

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