Friday Mix Tape: Couches In Another Town

To all you hopeless romantics out there, this mix is dedicated to a new brother of mine Tom DeCoursey. I believe in your victory. ALL OF YOU.

Memorial Day by Scott Bernstein on Grooveshark

1. Slow Runner – Love and Doubt
2. Phosphorescent – Tell Me Baby Have You had Enough
3. Whiskeytown – Under Your Breath
4. Number One Fan – It’s Happening
5. This Will Destroy You – I Believe In Your Victory
6. Beach House – Take Care
7. Ani Difranco – You Had Time
8. Umphrey’s McGee – The Weight Around
9. Tom Waits – House Where Nobody Lives
10. Radiohead – All I Need
11. Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticsm

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2 thoughts on “Friday Mix Tape: Couches In Another Town

  1. snoopkatiekate Reply

    great playlist man! and thanks for including the ani. you had time is one of those songs that gets to me every time i hear it, even after all these years. so honest and heartbreaking.

  2. wyllys Reply

    thank you. love that song too. you are a china shop…i am a bull…

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