Video: Phish – Fee (Alpine Valley)

One of my favorite parts of any Phish song, as played live, comes at the end of Fee, when the band usually jams on the harmonics that mark the conclusion of the beloved track from Junta. On a handful of occasions Phish has used this “harmonics jam” as a launching pad towards deep and fruitful improvisation (see 7/5/98, 7/8/99 and 6/7/09). This past Sunday at Alpine Valley, guitarist Trey Anastasio broke out his trusty megaphone marking the start of Fee. When the quartet reached the “harmonics jam,” they took the opportunity to break free of the song’s constraints, delivering a stirring improvisation that stands among the tour’s best.

[Photo by Joe Ringus]

Phish has been releasing a professionally-shot clip from each performance this summer and for the second night of Alpine, we’re glad they selected Fee. Check it out…

Phish – Fee (Live at Alpine Valley)

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