The Night Bonnie Raitt Sang Shine A Light With The Stones

The Rolling Stones’ official YouTube channel has been great as of late since the band’s representatives started filling the channel with pro-shot videos of live performances, interviews, backstage footage, MTV-style music videos and more goodies from throughout the years. For the latest share, a documentary-style clip about Bonnie Raitt’s sit-in with Mick and the band on Shine A Light at Vancouver’s BC Place on November 25th, 2006 has surfaced.

Raitt talks about her long history with the band and Jagger discusses how he originally wrote the song in the four minute clip. Bonnie’s voice fits the tune like a glove. Here’s a look at the mini-doc…

Bonnie Raitt and Mick Jagger Talk Shine A Light

For those wanting to see the whole guest spot, here it is…

The Rolling Stones w/ Bonnie Raitt – Shine A Light

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