Years in Your Ears, A Story of Leftover Salmon

From the early 90’s to the early part of this decade, Leftover Salmon coined the term “"Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass", while enriching the word “festival.”  But perhaps nobody combined top-notch musicianship with unbridled enthusiasm and playfulness as well as this once hard-touring band from Colorado. Years in your Ears, A Story of Leftover Salmon  vividly revisits the past of an act who never quite broke it big commercially, but won their fans over in ways that hadn’t been previously done.

The two hour plus documentary revisits the early 90’s beginnings of Leftover Salomon, with individual tributes to each of the core three: Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman and Mark Vann.   Interviews with bluegrass pioneers Peter Rowan, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush and John Cowan fortify the talents of Leftover, as they delivered bluegrass to a younger generation while breaking the concert wall between band and audience.  Between the funny moustaches and mullets, Years in Your Ears seeks the origins of Leftover’s “Festivalllll” chant, chronicles their rag-tag travels in a yellow-school bus, and delivers classic live stage clips (including bassist Tye North’s hair).  Certainly, after the Nashville Sessions, Years in Your Ears is a must have for any Leftover fan.

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