Profile: Led Zeppelin on CBS Sunday Morning

CBS’s Sunday Morning has profiled many rockers over the years and has gained a reputation for smartly-produced compelling features thanks in part to their pieces on Levon Helm, Wilco and Tom Petty. Yesterday, the program aired a fantastic profile of Led Zeppelin that contains interviews with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, both separately and together.

Segment host Anthony Mason digs deep into the band’s history and brings us up to their 2007 reunion concert that was the focus of the recently released Celebration Day. The band reacts as expected to the obligatory “when will you play again question?” but we don’t blame Mason for trying. There’s also amazing footage of a 12-year-old Jimmy Page appearing on British TV and a funny segment where fans approach Robert Plant on the street. If you missed it yesterday, watch this enthralling piece…

Led Zeppelin on CBS Sunday Morning

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