Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks Volume 6 – 12/20/69 & 2/2/70

While the latest installment of the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks live archival series – Volume 5 – isn’t expected to ship until February 1st, the band has just announced details of Volume 6, due to ship on May 1st. Dave’s Picks Volume 6 will consist of two complete shows featuring material that had been missing from the band’s “vault” for more than 40 years: 2/2/70 Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO and 12/20/69 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA with a bonus disc for Dave’s Picks subscribers containing 75 minutes of music from the Dead’s 12/21/69 performance at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Recently, a batch of reels containing long lost live recordings were given back to the Dead marking the first major return of material to the vault since 2005’s Houseboat Tapes. The return of these reels has allowed GD “legacy manager” David Lemieux to put out two complete shows as Dave’s Picks Volume 6. Though only six weeks separate the two performances, a lineup change happened in between. Keyboardist Tom Constanten is on hand for the 12/20/69 show while the 2/2/70 gig was the Dead’s first without Constanten. Tom does provide a first-hand perspective on 12/20/69 for the volume’s liner notes. Bear recorded both shows which both feature plenty of Pigpen material including a 35+ minute Turn On Your Lovelight from 12/20/69.

With each Dave’s Picks release limited to 13,000 copies, the Dead warn that the only way to guarantee yourself this year’s installments is to purchase a subscription. The subscription offer ends in a little more than a week on January 22, 2013 at 11:59PM PST and those subscribing will also receive the aforementioned 12/21/69 bonus disc. We look forward to hearing these long-lost recordings

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  1. These sound great. The first four Dave’ Picks were fantastic in my opinion. Artwork also got much better after the Star Wars debacle. And it looks like Tim Truman is onboard to draw the 4.5 releases this year. One suggestion Dave: it has been ages since the 80’s have been represented on an official release. How about Alaska 80 or maybe something hot from 87 (Shoreline???) or even Stanley Theater from 81?

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