Articles by: Christian Long

‘Along For The Ride’ Gives A Frank, Fearless Look At The Method To Dennis Hopper’s Madness

One of Hollywood's most enigmatic rebels is explored in this new documentary.

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Greta Gerwig On The Complex Authenticity Of Her New Film ‘Lady Bird’

Actress, writer, and director Greta Gerwig sits down to discuss her latest film and the challenges of writing.

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The Creators Of The Documentary ‘Mankiller’ On The Challenges And Rewards Of Crowdfunded Filmmaking

Director Valerie Red-Horse Mohl and producer Gale Anne Hurd ('The Walking Dead') discuss the making of their new documentary 'Mankiller'

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Noël Wells Reflects On The Festival Circuit Success Of ‘Mr. Roosevelt’ Ahead Of Its Theatrical Release (INTERVIEW)

Writer/director Noël Wells sits down to discuss the wide appeal for her film, Mr. Roosevelt.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Drags Its Feet And Pads Its Runtime In A Wholly Uneventful 100th Episode (TV REVIEW)

 “Mercy” With every new season of The Walking Dead comes the misguided hope that the show will learn from its past missteps and deliver a compelling episode of television. Tonight, “Mercy,” the show’s 100th episode ...

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Benedict Andrews On Blurring The Black-And-White With His New Film ‘Una’ (INTERVIEW)

Director Benedict Andrews sits down to discuss his latest film Una, starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn.

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Fantastic Fest: ‘My Friend Dahmer’ Is An Unexpectedly Human Portrayal Of One Of America’s Most Notorious Killers

Humanizing a monster like Dahmer forces us to consider the impact we've all had on others.

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Fantastic Fest: ‘Brawl In Cell Block 99’ Brings The Pulp, And The Violence

From the director of Bone Tomahawk comes another gloriously violent and entertaining work of pulp fiction.

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Fantastic Fest: The Hilarious And Tragic Meet In ‘The Killing Of A Sacred Deer’

Yorgos Lanthimos returns with another stunning and original work.

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Fantastic Fest: ‘Anna And The Apocalypse’ Is A Whimsical, Blood-Splattered Delight

Probably the best Christmas zombie musical movie ever. Probably.

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