Articles by: Christian Long

‘Heart Beats Loud’ Snags A Summer Release Date

After a sold out screening at SXSW this year, the third feature film from director Brett Haley, Heart Beats Loud, will be coming to theaters this summer. Global independent studio Gunpowder & Sky will be ...

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Is Everything You Can Expect From Wes Anderson, For Better And For Worse

Wes Anderson fans will be pleased with Isle of Dogs. But what about everyone else?

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SXSW: It Turns Out, There Is A Wes Anderson Movie That Bill Murray Would Turn Down

To close out the 25th year of SXSW Film, Wes Anderson’s newest animated feature, Isle of Dogs, screened to an enthusiastic theater full of fans. Afterwards, Robert Rodriguez moderated a Q&A session with Anderson, along ...

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘American Animals’ Is A Unique Deconstruction Of The Heist Movie Archetype

The heist movie has been fundamental to American cinema as long as there’s been American cinema. Only the Western, which heist movies share much of its DNA with, is arguably more fundamental to the past ...

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Paradox’ Delights In Its Own Purposeful Incoherence

You know how sometimes you accidentally leave the video camera recording on your phone when you’re not actually trying to record video? That’s basically Paradox in a nutshell, a mishmash steampunk western from director Daryl ...

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Heart Beats Loud’ Is A Charming Cinematic Delight

Nick Offerman shines in this new drama from director Brett Haley.

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SXSW FILM INTERVIEW: ‘Take Your Pills’ Director Alison Klayman Wants To Tell A Balanced Story Behind Adderall

Filmmaker Alison Klayman sits down to discuss Take Your Pills and the growing amphetamine crisis.

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SXSW FILM RED CARPET: ‘The Last Jedi’ Director Rian Johnson Addresses Polarizing Reactions

The director defends The Last Jedi from some of the negative reactions on the red carpet for a new documentary.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Blindspotting’ Has The Power To Change The Conversation

Blindspotting is a challenging, engaging, delightful, and all out superb film.

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‘Breakable You’ And The Messy Unpredictability Of Life (FILM REVIEW)

Unbreakable You isn't a film for everyone, but it's still a unfiltered slice of life that makes for a unique viewing experience.

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