Articles by: Christian Long

‘Breakable You’ And The Messy Unpredictability Of Life (FILM REVIEW)

Unbreakable You isn't a film for everyone, but it's still a unfiltered slice of life that makes for a unique viewing experience.

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The Austin Music Awards Showcases Some Of Austin’s Best Talent (And Predictability)

For those that have never spent time in Austin, it is a town that’s notoriously in love with itself. Pictures from its past adorn walls from libraries to bars to coffee shops. Plaques commemorate historic ...

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Negan Succinctly Addresses The Problem With Rick In This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead continues its long, drawn out dive into mediocrity.

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Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran On Transforming Gary Oldman Into Winston Churchill For ‘Darkest Hour’ (INTERVIEW)

The acclaimed costume designer explains what it was like to strike a balance between a stylized and accurate depiction of Winston Churchill.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Returns With The Bloated ‘Honor’ (TV REVIEW)

The Walking Dead continues to ramble on towards nowhere.

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‘Annihilation’ Is An Ambitious Film That Collapses Under Its Own Self-Importance (FILM REVIEW)

Director Alex Garland produces another ambitious sci-fi epic that fails to live up to its own potential.

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‘This Close’ Portrays The Universal Truths About Friendship, For Better And For Worse (TV REVIEW)

Sundance Now presents a bold and original new series with nuanced portrayals of the deaf community.

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‘Entanglement’ Manages To Defy Expectations By Playing Right Into Them (FILM REVIEW)

Entanglement may seem all too familiar, but that doesn't mean it's any less charming.

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The ATX TV Fest Announces Its First Round Of Programming For Season 7

One of the television industry's hottest festivals makes some bold announcements for its seventh year.

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Final Round Of Headliners For The Moontower Comedy Festival Announced

While home to a number of music and film festivals, (including SXSW which is right around the corner), the Moontower Comedy Festival highlights the best voices in standup comedy today. Taking place mostly in the ...

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