Cliff Krolick

Ecuador: Mountain Biking Bonanza

Cliff Krolick is a New Englander, and usually treats himself to a break from winter each year by heading south. This winter may have been mild, but it was still too long – so he took some friends down to Quito, Ecuador for a biking adventure.

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Mountain Biking: Under The Tuscan Sun

Mountain biking in Tuscany is unsurpassed – with narrow lanes, abandoned villas and centuries-old church ruins overgrown with grapevines. And after a day of riding, nothing tastes better than a fresh meal and an excellent bottle of village wine.

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Mountain Biking: Boogie In Costa Rica

Landing in Costa Rica, there are more backpacks and hiking gear than matching luggage and golf clubs coming off the baggage carousel. No wonder. Where else can you explore pristine beaches and tropical jungles in the morning and mountains later that day?

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