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‘Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third….And More’ Captures LP’s True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third....And More' Captures LP's True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

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BoDeans Succeed On Own Terms With ‘Thirteen’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The release of BoDeans’ Thirteen is coincidental with a resurgence of interest in the group, and its seminal American style, based on an association with the Netflix’ The Ranch. Yet this record succeeds on its ...

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George Harrison’s ‘I Me Mine – The Extended Edition’ Tells All About The Quiet One (BOOK REVIEW)

Leave it to George Harrison to affix a title to his memoirs as sardonic as the man himself. Not usually given to open-ended discourse, much less personal revelations, the late Beatle’s autobiography, I Me Mine, ...

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Rise of a Texas Bluesman: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984-1989 (DVD REVIEW)

There’s a wealth of video material available devoted to the stage work of the late blues icon guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, so it’s somewhat surprising there’s precious little corresponding documentary work apart from Rise of ...

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JazzIsPhsh Stirs Up Familiar Sounds at Higher Ground (SHOW REVIEW)

From the stately to the uproarious, JazzIsPhsh put on such a show at Higher Ground on April 7th, it’s difficult to know where to begin, but to make note of the very start is appropriate, ...

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Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker’s Finest Form Ideal Starting Point for Blues Legend (ALBUM REVIEW)

Because Whiskey & Wimmen pulls from a number of labels for which John Lee Hooker recorded during the course of his fifty-year plus career, this sixteen-track collection represents an accurate all-around starting point for any ...

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The Creation’s ‘Action Painting’ 2 CD Box Set Serves As Just Testimonial (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s a measure of the devotion (not to mention the affection) afforded The Creation that, nearly fifty years after the British quartet (first) broke up, the most comprehensive collection of their work has been released, ...

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Rodney Crowell Delivers Loose Concept LP With ‘Close Ties’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If Rodney Crowell wasn’t so pragmatic about his work, his naturally erudite approach to writing and recording, as displayed on Close Ties, would quickly become pretentious, But as with the stellar Tarpaper Sky record that ...

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Ruthie Foster Develops Distinctive Musical Persona On ‘Joy Comes Back’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

After developing a credible reputation accompanying redoubtable musicians such as Warren Haynes, Ruthie Foster aims to make a name for herself with Joy Comes Back. And based on the innate humility of such collaborators as ...

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Holly Bowling Re-Imagines The Grateful Dead and Phish on Piano at Higher Ground (SHOW REVIEW)

Holly Bowling was utterly captivating in her first headlining appearance at Higher Ground’s Showcase Lounge on March 19th. During the course of roughly two and a half hours divided between two sets, she not only ...

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