Articles by: Doug Collette

Liam Gallagher Preserves His Brit Pop Flair On ‘As You Were’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Like like a British version of the Robinson Brothers who founded the Black Crowes and oversaw a tumultuous career for those southern rockers, the two Gallagher siblings who fronted Oasis have continued to bicker even ...

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Jackie Greene Comes Full Circle With Self Produced/Engineered EP ‘The Modern Lives Vol. 1’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jackie Greene comes full-circle with his self-produced and engineered EP The Modern Lives Vol. 1. His early records were somewhat derivative efforts released on a small label, before the California native embarked on a variety ...

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The Replacements ‘For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986’ Proves Vital, Poignant & Enduring (ALBUM REVIEW)

Having languished in the vault for some three decades is a sonic picture of consistency the group rarely conjured up. Past a certain point in their career, concerts by the Replacements became a crap-shoot as ...

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The Church Reaffirms Faith Of Long Time Fans With ‘Man Woman Life Death Infinity’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The portentous tone of the title of the Church’s Man Woman Life Death Infinity is more than a little fitting and not just because it is the Australian band’s twenty-sixth studio album. With Ian Haug ...

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Charlie Parr Transcends Vocal & Instrumental Skills With Live Show In Vermont (SHOW REVIEW)

It takes a special kind of courage to perform in a solo setting, but Charlie Parr’s bravery stood him in good stead as he took the stage in the Showcase Lounge of Higher Ground September ...

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Tom Petty 1950-2017: Ten Career Reflections On A Great American Musical Hero

Tom Petty should go down in rock history as the music’s greatest individual role model. If that sounds like an audacious claim, just take a cursory look at how this native Floridian navigated his way ...

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‘The Who I Was There’ by Richard Houghton Documents Band’s Live History (BOOK REVIEW)

Richard Houghton doesn’t entertain any notion The Who I Was There is a comprehensive chronicle of the iconic British band’s concert history. Nevertheless, the book ends up being close to complete, despite the fact its ...

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Chris Hillman Makes Roots Gem On Tom Petty Produced ‘Bidin’ My Time’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Chris Hillman embraces his roots as fully and completely as his history on his new Tom Petty-produced album Bidin’ My Time. The recording is a virtual tour-de-force from the man who helped begin the Byrds, co-founded the ...

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Rusty Young Takes Break From Poco With Solo Debut ‘Waitin’ For the Sun’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If it seems implausible that Waitin’ For the Sun is Rusty Young’s first-ever solo album, it’s well to keep in mind his long-term role in the seminal country-rock band Poco. His  innovative steel guitar playing, ...

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Trey Anastasio Band, Joseph, Low Cut Connie Highlight Day 2 at Grand Point North (FESTIVAL RECAP)

Personalities aside, September 17th  could not have been a more upbeat and inclusive closing to Grand Point North 2017. As with the prior day’s festivities, the immediate environs of the city, its bordering lake and ...

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