Articles by: Doug Collette

Grateful Dead: Dave’s Picks Volume 26- Albuquerque Civic Auditorium, 11/17/71 (ALBUM REVIEW)

With his picks from the vault, Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux has certainly done justice to the legacy of his predecessor Dick Latvala. Of course, that man who shepherded the initial series of concert releases ...

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Dawes Cover Considerable Ground On Noble Sixth Album ‘Passwords’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Dawes is nothing if not a discerning, intelligent group of musicians. Just a mere four months after the release of We’re All Gonna Die, the group made available (initially at no charge) a full-length live ...

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I Was There When: The Original Lineup of The Allman Brothers Band Stole the Show At UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium

I had never heard the Allman Brothers Band when I decided to attend their concert at the University of Vermont’s Patrick Gym in late February of 1971. But I was curious about what a band ...

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The English Beat Starring Dave Wakeling Return With ‘Here We Go Love’ – First New Album In 36 Years (ALBUM REVIEW)

Here We Go Love, the first album in 36 years by Dave Wakeling and company (appropriately enough on their own Here We Go Records) isn’t all that dissimilar from the best of their early work, ...

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Howlin’ Rain Stirs The Pot On Engaging ‘The Alligator Bride’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Howlin’ Rain’s The Alligator Bride may be indebted to some readily-discernible contemporary rock influences-unlikely opposites such as Free and the Grateful Dead-but only indirectly so and then only gleefully so. There’s not one iota of ...

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Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Display Cross-Generational Dynamic At Higher Ground (SHOW REVIEW)

Although not an officially sanctioned presentation of Burlington Discover Jazz, the two nights of Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite in Higher Ground’s Ballroom served as the missing link to the blues for the annual ten-day ...

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Fleet Foxes Bring Deeply-Echoed Tones of Ancient Church Choirs To Shelburne Museum (SHOW REVIEW)

Roughly a half-hour before the end of Fleet Foxes near two-hour set at Shelburne Museum on May 26th, the band left the stage to its leader, Robin Pecknold, who shortly thereafter, in his inimitably delicate ...

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‘Chicago: VI Decades Live: This Is What We Do’ Makes Case For Band’s Early Greatness (BOX SET REVIEW)

Since Chicago’s 2016 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there’s been a flurry of activity around the group. This five-disc set and the subsequent multi-format release of a 2018 concert performance on ...

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Pre-Eminent Power Popster Matthew Sweet Injects Depth & Brevity on ‘Tomorrow’s Daughter’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Call it a companion piece or a mirror image, Tomorrow’s Daughter is a more than worthwhile follow-up to Matthew Sweet’s release of last year, Tomorrow Forever. After constructing his own studio in a new home ...

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‘Before The Dead’ Captures Jerry Garcia’s Formative Years (BOX SET REVIEW)

In roughly three and half hours of live and studio recordings, captured in various ways at a variety of locales between 1961 and 1964, Before the Dead documents the late Jerry Garcia’s formative years as ...

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