Articles by: Leslie Michele Derrough

Dale Crover of Melvins Talks Solo Album ‘The Fickle Finger’ & New Melvins LP ‘A Walk With Love & Death’ (INTERVIEW)

You may have heard about this little band from up around Seattle. They make a loud noise and have become cult music gods over their thirty-four year career. They’re called the Melvins. “We’re definitely an ...

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A.J. Croce Revives Golden Singer-Songwriter Era With ‘Just Like Medicine’ (INTERVIEW)

You might not think that a Pennsylvania born, California raised young man would be so heavily influenced by the boogie woogie piano music that circulated down in the deep south of New Orleans. But he ...

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‘The Who: Live At The Isle Of Wight 2004’ Shows Band In Stellar Transitional Form (DVD REVIEW)

Like their British brothers-in-arms the Rolling Stones, The Who is getting in the habit of regularly releasing old concerts in their entirety on DVD/Blu-Ray for public consumption. This time out it’s their set at the ...

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Domino Kirke Shows Off Her Voice, And It’s The Real Deal (INTERVIEW)

She is a singer, songwriter, doula, wife, mother, daughter and sister. And in a month, she will release her debut full-length album entitled Beyond Waves. It’s not that Domino Kirke hasn’t shown off her voice ...

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Blackberry Smoke’s Brandon Still Talks Shop, Gregg Allman & Upcoming LA Show (INTERVIEW)

Blackberry Smoke has worked very hard to be here. From a bunch of guys doing ordinary jobs like working on cars and being plumbers, they are now true blue rock stars, with a penchant for ...

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Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters Tells All (INTERVIEW)

When The Kentucky Headhunters took off in 1989 following the release of their debut album, Pickin’ On Nashville, you knew they were the real deal. Their southern rock/blues/country sound appealed to a wide range of ...

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Bush Still Sounds & Looks Strong 21 Years After ‘Razorblade Suitcase’ (SHOW REVIEW)

If you gave up on Bush after 1996’s Razorblade Suitcase, then it’s time you gave them another try – especially if you catch them on their current Black & White Rainbows tour. You just may ...

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ZZ Ward Steps It Up A Notch With ‘The Storm’ (INTERVIEW)

ZZ Ward, the singer-songwriter with a blues edge and a rock & roll kick, is back with a vengeance on her new album, The Storm, out this past Friday, June 30. With lyrical bite marks ...

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Quinn Sullivan Puts the Pedal Down & More at Baton Rouge’s Manship Theatre (SHOW REVIEW)

Lita Ford once told me that guitarists who spent their whole show looking down at their fretboards to see where to put their fingers drove her nuts. That is something you will NOT see at ...

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Imelda May Ups The Savvy & Moxie On ‘Life Love Flesh Blood’ (INTERVIEW)

Imelda May has gone through a gamut of emotions these last few years but she’d rather not talk about it. She’d prefer to sing about them. Earlier this year, upon the release of Life Love ...

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