Articles by: Leslie Michele Derrough

Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket Finds Idyllic Harmony on ‘4th of July’ (INTERVIEW)

With all the chaos that can inundate itself into the music of My Morning Jacket, guitarist Carl Broemel has found tranquility and idyllic harmony in his solo music. His latest endeavor, 4th Of July, out ...

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John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry Plays Like Bonham Loud & Proud (INTERVIEW)

Black Stone Cherry did something earlier this year that every band wishes could happen to them: put out a new album that is better than all the others they’ve done in the past. Every band ...

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Halestorm, Whiskey Myers, Black Stone Cherry Shock Up Carnival of Madness Tour in New Orleans (SHOW REVIEW/INTERVIEW)

The Carnival Of Madness tour bolted into New Orleans last week with fists raised and lips snarling, charging full steam ahead, and there was no time for laziness for all involved. This was a rock ...

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Guns N’ Roses & The Cult Snake Dance & Riff at New Orleans’ Superdome (SHOW REVIEW)

The lines were long, the seats were packed and $40 t-shirts were flying off the shelves. GNR fans of all ages were ripe for this show, which brought Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan back ...

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21 Year Old Zella Day Proves An “Old Soul” With Eclectic ‘Kicker’ LP & National Success (INTERVIEW)

“Every time I come to New Mexico I have to make it a point to order some black beans.” One thing you can say about Zella Day (21) is that she has retained her love ...

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Guitarist Jared James Nichols Reignites The Blues In All The Purest & Rockin’ Ways (INTERVIEW)

Back in 2013, I heard about a young guitar player out of Wisconsin named Jared James Nichols. He had released a live EP in 2012 and his follow-up, Old Glory & The Wild Revival, was ...

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Zakk Wylde/Jared James Nichols/Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Rattle New Orleans (SHOW REVIEW/INTERVIEW)

Zakk Wylde is one smart man. Choosing two of the brightest young lights in music – Jared James Nichols and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – to open for him on his current Book Of ...

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Gerry Beckley of America – The Torchbearer of Memorable Soft Rock (INTERVIEW)

Forty-six years is a long time to maintain a healthy working relationship with someone but Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell have done it happily. Forming America in London in the early 1970’s, the two young ...

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‘The Rolling Stones: Totally Stripped’ Shows Icons in 1995 Live Glory (DVD REVIEW)

For those who love their music documentaries with more talk and behind-the-scenes footage than actual musical clips, then Eagle Rock has a goodie for you. Whereas most of the Rolling Stones DVD treasures of late ...

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Stella Santana Takes Beat Soul Path on Debut LP ‘Selfish’ (INTERVIEW)

She is the new voice of Beat Soul. Marinating silky vocals over a beat-dominating rhythm, Stella brings a higher pitch to the soothing tranquility than more traditional R&B-based singers. But her swing comes naturally, as ...

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