Articles by: Leslie Michele Derrough

Lee Fields Keeps It Strong & Soulful (INTERVIEW)

Lee Fields is living proof that doing what you love does not have an age limit. “I feel that every human being’s purpose is to do what their inner voice says to do,” Fields (65) ...

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Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen Bring Unsoiled Sounds to Red Dragon Listening Room (SHOW REVIEW)

When you have a chance to experience music in it’s most purest form, when all is quiet and the resonance of the harmonies and the words and a few strings are crystal clear, it can ...

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ARW (Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman) Lets New Oreleans Feel The Enchantment (SHOW REVIEW)

“Jon, Trevor and myself have always wanted to play together, to play Yes music, and just sort of finally got round to doing it. And I think that’s been helped in this very bizarre way ...

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David Gray Breathes New Life Into Old Art Forms (INTERVIEW)

One of the things British singer-songwriter David Gray loves most about the legendary Nina Simone is, “The way she weaves magic into things.” It is a feat many attempt yet so few attain, and that ...

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Paul Jackson of Blackberry Smoke On Carrying Southern Rock Torch (INTERVIEW)

It took a couple of years but Blackberry Smoke has risen to the top of the heap, especially when it comes to rock & roll with a southern heartbeat. They have become the golden child, ...

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Dave Stewart & Thomas Lindsey Making Waves With ‘Spitballin’ (INTERVIEW)

When you’re young and you feel like you don’t belong, life can look very different from the football player on one side of you or the gamer on the other side. So you dream more ...

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Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD REVIEW)

“I jumped in the van and managed to somehow lick his chest,” remembered Grace Potter in a 2012 interview with Glide about her first encounter with Iggy Pop. “Don’t ask me how it happened but ...

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Timothy B. Schmit Talks New Solo LP, Future Of The Eagles & Seeing The Beatles at Candlestick (INTERVIEW)

Let’s get this out of the way first – Timothy B. Schmit doesn’t know what the future holds for the Eagles following the passing of founding member Glenn Frey in January. Now we can move ...

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Keith Urban Is Country? Not So Much In New Orleans (SHOW REVIEW)

I wonder if anyone ever told Keith Urban that he is considered a country artist? Because the show he put on for the sold out crowd in New Orleans was definitely more rock than country ...

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Keyboard Legend Rick Wakeman Talks ARW Tour & Never Downsizing The Rig (INTERVIEW)

You know his name, you know his music, you know of his reputation. So when it was announced that Rick Wakeman, the legendary keyboard player for Yes, was reuniting with his former bandmates, singer Jon ...

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