Articles by: Leslie Michele Derrough

Andy Timmons Breaks New Guitar Ground With ‘Theme From A Perfect World’ (INTERVIEW)

Andy Timmons has built his reputation into a well-respected cerebral guitar instrumentalist. He’s been on the G4 ticket with Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, and toured with former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth; all three ...

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Gary Clark Jr.’s Drummer Johnny Radelat Supplies The Lowdown (INTERVIEW)

When you go see Gary Clark Jr, the first person you notice is the guitar player himself. But the second musician that catches your attention is drummer Johnny Radelat. He hits hard, he keeps a ...

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The Cult Brings The Medicine To Baton Rouge’s Varsity Theatre (SHOW REVIEW)

“I’m more the nuts and bolts guy,” guitar player Billy Duffy once told Glide in 2012 about The Cult. “I’m like the engine room guy. I’m down there with the engine making sure everything is running and ...

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Julian Lennon Shares Insight Into ‘Cycle’ Photography Exhibit (INTERVIEW)

 Julian Lennon may have been born into a house of music but his branches of interest spread much further out. In fact, his passions for photography and philanthropy are so deep in his soul that ...

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KISS Rocks Vegas Documents Joint Residency (DVD REVIEW)

In the mid-1970’s, I was a kid growing up in small town America when a band called KISS started releasing albums. Looking like demons from your worst nightmares, scaring the souls of middle-class parents who ...

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Gary Clark Jr. Proves Epitome of Cool & Electrifying in New Orleans (SHOW REVIEW)

“I feel fantastic, in case you were wondering,” Gary Clark Jr said with a smile midway through his electrifying set at the Civic in New Orleans on September 12th. From the first notes of “Bright ...

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Slash, Alter Bridge & Solo Artist – Myles Kennedy Fronts It All (INTERVIEW)

The fans have been waiting for this. They’ve been waiting for Myles Kennedy to finish touring with Slash and for Mark Tremonti to turn his attention away from his solo band. They have been waiting ...

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Jesse Dayton Strikes Back With ‘The Revealer’ & Shares Doug Sahm Stories (INTERVIEW)

Get ready everybody – the rockabilly hellraiser is back in town! Guitar player Jesse Dayton is releasing his latest record, The Revealer, this week and it’s a honky-tonking jitterbug of energy, fun times and southern ...

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Geoff Tate Resurrects With Operation: Mindcrime (INTERVIEW)

You can take the name away from the man but you can’t take the music out of the man. Out of the ashes of a court battle over who IS Queensryche, Geoff Tate is now ...

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Elijah Ford Steps Up His Rock Game With ‘As You Were’ (INTERVIEW)

It may have been raining in Austin, Texas, on the afternoon I call up Elijah Ford but it wasn’t putting a damper on his mood. Next month he will not only release his third solo ...

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