Articles by: Shane Handler

Cave Singers Bring Out Submissive Rhythmic Folk on ‘Banshee’ (INTERVIEW)

Banshee, the fifth album from Seattle’s Cave Singers might wrap you in with its rhythmic folk quite submissively. Front-man Peter Quirk rambles off rhythmic vocals that sound like a free-styling troubadour, atop lo-fi instruments that ...

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Otherkin Make It Loud Where It Counts (INTERVIEW)

The guys in Dublin Ireland’s Otherkin would like the word Britpop to not even be equated to their explosive sound – after all they are from Ireland- lets at least charm in a little Thin ...

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Bronze Radio Return Brings East Coast Roots Soul on Tour (INTERVIEW/VIDEO EXCLUSIVE)

Bronze Radio Return have just kicked off their U.S. tour in support of their acclaimed new album Light Me Up. The Connecticut based band’s tour includes stops in , Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles ...

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LANY Makes Catchy Electro-Soul On ‘Make Out’ EP (INTERVIEW)

There might be those who want to easily disregard LANY as just another electronic combo, but the trio has been hitting on all pop cylinders since they uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud in 2014. What ...

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Harper and the Moths Create Sharp Rhythms on ‘Rock.Pop.Soul.’ EP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Phoenix based dance rockers Harper and the Moths have got a plan and it has nothing to do with being confounding or bland – however that doesn’t mean there isn’t some crypticness to their sound. ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Haymarket Squares Sound off Vs. Private Prisons on”High Demand” Off New LP “Light It Up”

The gritty urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona might not be your typical launching pad for a band sporting bluegrass instruments and four part harmonies, but Haymarket Squares aren’t romanticizing nothing. The city with an identity ...

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Francesca Blanchard Unites English & French On Deux Visions (INTERVIEW)

Finding unique, diverse inspiration was something Francesca Blanchard never had to seek out. She was born into a multi-cultural family who traversed the world doing humanitarian work. Her home base, for her first 10 years, ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Cas Haley – “Before It’s Too Late”

Roots-reggae artist Cas Haley will be releasing his new album More Music More Family on Mailboat Records on November 6th, 2015. The new album celebrates Cas’ return to music after an injury-induced hiatus and explores ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Ironing Board Sam “I’m Looking For a Woman”

Long before Donald Fagen, Herbie Hancock and Jan Hammer rocked out with their keytars, a performer was strapping his legless keyboard on top of an ironing board when performing. This marked the birth of stand up keys and so ...

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The Tall Pines Give Up Swamp, Spooks & Country On ‘Fear Is the Devil’ (INTERVIEW)

The Tall Pines might not have the back-story that their spooky band music conjures, but the New York City duo’s music itself radiates with enough validity and soul to draw the attention it’s been getting. ...

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