The Silver Screen: Movies Turning 25

Ghostbusters (Summer ‘84)

Dr. Venkman is pretty much one of the best lead character names ever, but Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz can hold their own. There are great movies every year, and always a stand-out comedy that becomes synonymous with a certain time period – Ghostbusters has surpassed both of those and will undoubtedly remain on many ‘greatest comedies of all time’ lists forever.


Gremlins (Summer ‘84)

Ok, I get that Gremlins is this cheesy, dark comedy with Gizmo and Phoebe Cates and a whole marketing/merchandise line behind the film, but was this PG movie really for kids? It scared the shit out of me.


A Nightmare on Elm Street (Fall ‘84)

Speaking of scaring the shit out of people, Freddy Krueger turns 25 this year…and a remake is due out next year.


The Terminator (Fall ‘84)

Some of the noobs may not realize this, but before Governor Schwarzenegger ran California into an energy shortage and economic crisis, he was actually just an actor. And if you want to know how much the economy has changed in 25 years, The Terminator’s production budget was only $6.5 million.


Repo Man (Winter ‘84)

L.A. punk rocker, Otto Maddux (Emilio Estevez) finds himself surrounded by contrast and struggle – Good/Evil, Friendship/Betrayal, Love/Hate, even hippie/punk. This is the epitome of ‘cult classic.’


The Natural (Spring ‘84)

It’s fitting that the week baseball opens it’s 2009 season we pay tribute to the greatest baseball movie of all time. Come on, don’t give me that Bull Durham shit…watch this homerun again…


Revenge of The Nerds (Summer ‘84)

It’s obviously a dated concept now, since nerds are hip, and hipsters are glorified nerds…but 25 years ago, we had no idea we’d actually be the cool kids someday, and the douchebags would be on the outside looking in.


Breakin’ (Spring ‘84)

God this movie was so fucking bad. Even in middle school I knew this was a tragedy on screen. But I still watched it about 50 times trying to pop-rock like Turbo.


Red Dawn (Summer ‘84)

Another classic they want to make a remake of… tell me you didn’t play Red Dawn with your friends after school? Wolverine!


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