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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘She Said OK’

The groundwork vibe of episodes one and two pays off quite nicely in a tidy, classic display of exactly why this show really works.

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Song Review: 8X8, ‘The Tie In’

This captivating musical force owes as much to progressive rock as it does The Zombies and Brian Wilson.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Cooperative Polygraph’

This week’s Community is the classic bottle episode of the season.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’: ‘Protect the Coven’

On this week’s America’s Next Supreme, Queenie returns to put her name back on the ballot. It's another solid outing with many great small moments.

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Kevin Drew Announces Solo LP, ‘Darlings,’ Shares New Single

'Darlings,' his second solo LP, is out March 18th on Arts & Crafts.

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Breakdown: ‘The Vessel’

After a month-long break, the danger in 'Sleepy Hollow' is still ever-present. Yet much of the energy feels lost after so many weeks without our team of Apocalypse fighters.

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Breakdown: ‘Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra’

This week's slap-bet installment is a convoluted tale that stalls the forward momentum of the show. But at least it's entertaining.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Truth or Dare’

This episode, a sort-of tongue-in-cheek half-nod to the road trip as plot device, is loaded with even more signs of how much Hannah and Adam have grown as a couple

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Females Only’

There are some truly compelling signs of emotional maturity (relationship-wise, at least) scattered throughout this episode, most notably the way each of them react to the coffee shop incident.

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Movie Review: ‘Her’

'Her' is an unconventional love story on the surface -- but at its core, it's much more simple and universal. It is our greatest story -- the story of everything.

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