Ween’s Claude Coleman, Jr. Bridges Past and Future with SoundSpace Asheville (INTERVIEW)

Asheville, North Carolina is a town with a growing reputation as a mecca for up and coming musicians, as well as a popular stop on the touring circuit for many big name acts. It’s true ...

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Emily Kinney Evolves From ‘Walking Dead’ to Flourishing Singer-Songwriter (INTERVIEW)

On first glance, Emily Kinney’s songs are sweet and bubbly; but when you give them another go-round, especially those on her upcoming album, Oh Jonathan, out next month, the layers start peeling open like a ...

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Singer-Songwriter Elijah Newman Heads For Sonic Glory on Fifth Album (INTERVIEW)

Singer-songwriter Elijah Newman is in the process of preparing his fifth record for release and if the first single/video is any indication, it’s going to continue to jump down the rabbit hole of Newman’s emotions ...

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Gomez’ Ben Ottewell Talks 20 Years of ‘Bring It On’ (INTERVIEW)

Can you remember what you were doing twenty years ago? The band Gomez does and they set about making a celebration about it. Back then, they were a newly formed band, recording their first album, ...

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Brian Huskey Talks Getting Weirder For The Return Of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ (INTERVIEW)

The idea, surprisingly, did not come from a fever dream -- but we asked just to make sure

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Parker Milsap Turns A Corner With Ambitious LP ‘Other Arrangements’ (INTERVIEW)

Parker Millsap, the 25-year-old folk-rock and roller from Oklahoma, who can already claim receiving an American Music Award nomination, being featured by Austin City Limits and catching the attention of Sir Elton John – is ...

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Melvins’ Dale Crover Gives Lowdown on New LP ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’ (INTERVIEW)

Listening to an album by the Melvins is very similar to having a long, meandering conversation with an old friend. You know their voice by heart, the inflections and rhythms that you could pick out ...

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The (Re)Debut of the Underhill Family Orchestra (INTERVIEW)

The Chick-fil-A in downtown Mobile, Alabama is flushed with starving artists this afternoon, taking their lunch break from the Southeastern Theatre Conference, a meat market for aspiring stage professionals that descends on the Azalea City ...

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Frank Bello of Anthrax Talks Slayer Tour & New DVD ‘Kings Among Scotland’ (INTERVIEW)

With the release in April of their new live DVD, Kings Among Scotland, and a big tour with Slayer happening as we speak, it looks like there are no signs that Anthrax is slowing down. ...

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Drew Pearce Takes Us On A Tour Deep Inside The World Of ‘Hotel Artemis’ (INTERVIEW)

Writer/director Drew Pearce on how the culture of Los Angeles, Korean cinema, and video stores influenced the making of 'Hotel Artemis'

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