The Creators Of ‘Searching’ On Crafting Their Tech-Facing Mystery Movie (INTERVIEW)

"If screens are so important to telling these stories, then obviously we live our lives on them. And if we live our lives on them, let's just tell a story on them." - 'Searching' director ...

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AHI Captivates With Poignant Songwriting Chops & Earns Recording Artist of the Year by Folk Music Ontario Awards (INTERVIEW)

AHI, the breakthrough artist from Ontario, who’s receiving international acclaim for his sensational second record In Our Time, is celebrating being named Recording Artist of the Year by Folk Music Ontario Awards, a healthy stay ...

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Recreating Realism With The Cast And Crew Of ‘Skate Kitchen’ (INTERVIEW)

“I always start with personalities, and they had this charisma that always gets me,” says Crystal Moselle, co-writer and director of Skate Kitchen. The film, which opens in theaters this weekend, tells the story of ...

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The Cast Of ‘Get Shorty’ On The Show’s Ambitious Second Season (INTERVIEW)

Get Shorty, which returns for its second season this weekend on EPIX, might be named after Elmore Leonard’s 1990 novel, but it only takes loose inspiration from its framework of gangsters taking over the movie ...

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Rich Robinson Comes of Age With The Magpie Salute (INTERVIEW)

Rich Robinson has come of age in the last few years. And if that sounds implausible, given his two decade-plus tenure as co-founder of the Black Crowes, not to mention the burgeoning solo career he’s ...

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Midge Ure of Ultravox Talks Highly Influential Career & Current Tour With Paul Young (INTERVIEW)

To paraphrase the singer, if you don’t know what a Midge Ure is, you’ll find out soon enough. A virtual musical god in the UK, Midge Ure is the voice behind some of Ultravox’s biggest ...

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Desert Folklorist Israel Nash Gets ‘Lifted’ With Hippie Spiritual Sounds (INTERVIEW)

Israel Nash is feeling lifted these days. At home outside Austin, Texas, he and his family are perched way up on an expansive property. One look at the view of the rolling Texas Hill Country ...

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Jake Shimabukuro’s Mission To Make The Ukulele Cool (INTERVIEW)

If you still think the ukulele is not cool, then you haven’t heard it in the hands of Jake Shimabukuro. One minute it can sound like a lush lullaby, like the waves hitting the shores ...

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Singer-Songwriter Shlomo Franklin Defies Convention With Debut EP ‘Don’t Love Anybody’ (INTERVIEW)

It’s easy to mistake Shlomo Franklin for a farmer. There’s the plain, unmarked baseball cap, the earnest face, and an overall look of youthful single-mindedness and purpose that one associates with small family farmers in ...

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Foreigner Bassist Rick Wills Talks Upcoming ‘Then and Now’ Reunion Show (INTERVIEW)

Being in the right place at the right time definitely has its advantages; but to go the next step with your stroke of good luck takes talent, determination and passion for what it is that ...

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