The Magpie Salute Goes Bigger & Bolder – A Conversation With Vocalist John Hogg (INTERVIEW)

Although Rich Robinson is best known as the former co-founder and guitarist of The Black Crowes, he’s been more prolific as a solo artist the past 15 years (four solo albums), versus the two original ...

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The Cast Of ‘Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Talk About The Freedom And Limitations Of Working In TV Improv

'Bajillion Dollar Property$' cast members Paul F. Tompkins, Tawny Newsome, and Drew Tarver talk about improvising their way through the Seeso original series

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Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Make Conscious and Deliberate Southern Rock (INTERVIEW)

Lee Bains has never been shy about speaking his mind. The Alabama native has made a name for himself belting out politically and socially charged lyrics with his band the Glory Fires. Though the band ...

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Matthew Sweet Keeps The Power in Pop Humming on ‘Tomorrow Forever’ (INTERVIEW)

In the realm of contemporary power pop, Matthew Sweet distinguishes himself from peers like Tommy Keene and Marshall Crenshaw by emphasizing the power, not the pop. After all, Sweet’s most famous record, 1991’s Girlfriend, echoed ...

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Imelda May Ups The Savvy & Moxie On ‘Life Love Flesh Blood’ (INTERVIEW)

Imelda May has gone through a gamut of emotions these last few years but she’d rather not talk about it. She’d prefer to sing about them. Earlier this year, upon the release of Life Love ...

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Kulap Vilaysack On How ‘Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Fits In The Changing TV Landscape (INTERVIEW)

The Bajillion Dollar Properties creator/show runner discusses the SeeSo comedy's place in the new TV landscape.

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FEATURE: How Billy Stoner’s Long Lost Outlaw Country Album Finally Got Released After 40 Years

Sometimes life can be pretty far out, throwing a curveball at you when you least expect it. Such is the case with Billy Stoner and his sort of new old self-titled album, which is finally ...

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Ashes of ‘The Phoenix’: CKY’s Matt Deis Talks About the New Album and Growth as a Three-Piece (INTERVIEW)

A newly reformed and revamped CKY is back with a new album. We spoke with Matt Deis to learn more about the new incarnation and CKY's new life as a trio.

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Moon Duo Provides Dazzling Matrix on Occult Architecture Vol 1 & 2 (INTERVIEW)

The dazzling matrix of Moon Duo’s newest release Occult Architecture Vol. 2 is a lighter exploration than that of Vol. 1, which boasted a heavier psych soundscape that crawled through fuzzy chord structures and syncopated rhythms. The ...

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The Record Company Find Their Power Trio Niche (INTERVIEW)

Having just opened an arena tour for John Mayer, The Record Company have been playing to their biggest audiences EVER. Consisting of Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals), Alex Stiff (bass, backing vocals), and Mark Cazorla ...

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