Growing Up But Staying Rowdy With Punk-Grass Favorites Whiskey Shivers (FEATURE)

There are certain expectations that seem to come when the name of your band is Whiskey Shivers and you have a sound that smashes together bluegrass, punk, and a whole lot of hootin’ n’ hollerin’. ...

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Austin Legends The Crack Pipes Reissue Punk-Blues Classic ‘Beauty School’ (ALBUM PREMIERE/INTERVIEW)

In 2005 Austin, Texas was a vastly different place than it is today. Though the hipster thing was in full swing, the city was still mostly a college town whose coolness wasn’t widely known. You ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls Confront America’s Ugly Past With Straightforward Rocker “Postcards from the Hanging”

When it came time to cut their new album, the members of LA-based roots rock band Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls had a lot on their mind. Like many of us in America, they ...

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Rockabilly Legend Billy Burnette Talks New LP ‘Crazy Like Me’ & Fleetwood Mac Stint (INTERVIEW)

Rock & roll is part of my DNA. I don’t do it because I have to do it; I do it because I love this kind of music. I’ve never done anything but this. For ...

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YES Approaches 50 Years: An Interview With Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drummer Alan White

When one thinks of YES, the angelic voice of Jon Anderson, the nimble guitar fingerings of Steve Howe, or the genre defining bass lines of Chris Squire might most immediately come to mind. But YES drummer ...

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Tyrone Vaughan Keep Family Guitar Legacy Strong (INTERVIEW)

It’s common knowledge what a breeding ground for great music Austin, Texas is. So it’s no surprise that Tyrone Vaughan has been gaining attention for his guitar playing and singing, starting with his group Breedlove, ...

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Lilly Hiatt Makes Timeless Singer-Songwriter Rock Record With ‘Trinity Lane’ (INTERVIEW)

Lilly Hiatt, Nashville’s latest breakthrough artist, has just released her third and strongest album to date. Trinity Lane is a bold, beautiful and rockin’ collection of songs that are helping her make waves across musical ...

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Vicki Peterson (Bangles) Talks New Laurel Canyon Flavored Band Action Skulls (INTERVIEW)

She’s been a Bangle, a Drifter and a substitute Go-Go. And now Vicki Peterson is a Skull – an Action Skull, to be precise. Along with her husband, Beach Boys touring drummer John Cowsill, and ...

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Billy Strings Talks Bluegrass Bravado and New LP, Shares New Track “Dealing Despair” (INTERVIEW/PREMIERE)

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of catching a young bluegrass musician who goes by the name of Billy Strings at the Pickathon Music Festival just outside Portland, OR. Funny enough, Billy was ...

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Half of the Whole Other: An Interview With Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore is easily one of the finest singer/songwriters that many folks have unfortunately never heard. His vast catalogue of music is woefully underrated, as he always follows his passion, embarks on projects, follows bliss, ...

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