Brian Huskey Talks Getting Weirder For The Return Of ‘Mr. Neighbor’s House’ (INTERVIEW)

The idea, surprisingly, did not come from a fever dream -- but we asked just to make sure

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Parker Milsap Turns A Corner With Ambitious LP ‘Other Arrangements’ (INTERVIEW)

Parker Millsap, the 25-year-old folk-rock and roller from Oklahoma, who can already claim receiving an American Music Award nomination, being featured by Austin City Limits and catching the attention of Sir Elton John – is ...

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Melvins’ Dale Crover Gives Lowdown on New LP ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’ (INTERVIEW)

Listening to an album by the Melvins is very similar to having a long, meandering conversation with an old friend. You know their voice by heart, the inflections and rhythms that you could pick out ...

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The (Re)Debut of the Underhill Family Orchestra (INTERVIEW)

The Chick-fil-A in downtown Mobile, Alabama is flushed with starving artists this afternoon, taking their lunch break from the Southeastern Theatre Conference, a meat market for aspiring stage professionals that descends on the Azalea City ...

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Frank Bello of Anthrax Talks Slayer Tour & New DVD ‘Kings Among Scotland’ (INTERVIEW)

With the release in April of their new live DVD, Kings Among Scotland, and a big tour with Slayer happening as we speak, it looks like there are no signs that Anthrax is slowing down. ...

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Drew Pearce Takes Us On A Tour Deep Inside The World Of ‘Hotel Artemis’ (INTERVIEW)

Writer/director Drew Pearce on how the culture of Los Angeles, Korean cinema, and video stores influenced the making of 'Hotel Artemis'

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Try A Little Kindness: Frank Turner Talks His Latest Album, ‘Be More Kind’ (INTERVIEW)

Kindness is in short supply these days. In an era where snark, cynicism, and grandstanding are the cornerstones of our lexicon, we so often forget that a little bit of empathy and a touch of ...

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David Bromberg Recaptures His Magic On ‘The Blues, The Whole Blues & Nothing But The Blues’ (INTERVIEW)

“I really had a great time the last time I was in Baton Rouge but this time I’ve got my band with me so it makes a big difference.” For a singer-songwriter like David Bromberg, ...

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Songstress Kandace Springs Talks Opening Hall & Oates/Train Tour & Following Her Inner Nina Simone (INTERVIEW)

A couple of hours before the doors opened at The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, R&B/jazz artist Kandace Springs opened the door of her dressing room for an interview. Of course, Springs is the ...

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Welsh Singer-Songwriter Judith Owen Reimagines Classic Covers On ‘redisCOVERed’ (INTERVIEW)

Judith Owen is a woman of many hashtags: singer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, wife, daughter, sister, lover of dogs, resident of New Orleans, world traveler and Welsh. She has so many things in her palette that ...

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