TV Reviews

‘The Walking Dead’ Ambles Along While Musing About Its True ‘Monsters’ (TV REVIEW)

AMC's hit drama continues walking to nowhere in particular.

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Netflix Lands Another Knock Out with ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two (TV REVIEW)

Hawkins, Indiana is as creepy and delightful as it ever was in the second season of the hit Netflix series.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Drags Its Feet And Pads Its Runtime In A Wholly Uneventful 100th Episode (TV REVIEW)

 “Mercy” With every new season of The Walking Dead comes the misguided hope that the show will learn from its past missteps and deliver a compelling episode of television. Tonight, “Mercy,” the show’s 100th episode ...

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A (Mostly) Satisfying End To A Frustrating Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ (TV REVIEW)

As the penultimate season comes to a close, Game of Thrones begins the process of wrapping up its story.

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‘Game of Thrones’: 5 Quotes From ‘Eastwatch’ (And 1 Telling Moment) To Keep In Mind Heading Into The Season’s Penultimate Episode

As season 7 grinds toward its close, here are a few things to keep in mind for the next episode.

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4 Quotes From ‘The Spoils Of War’ To Keep In Mind Heading Into Episode 5

The last episode of Game of Thrones was on fire..

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7 Quotes From ‘The Queen’s Justice’ (And 1 Vintage Nugget) To Keep In Mind Heading Into Episode 4

The third episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, “The Queen’s Justice,” saw the stars continuing to align for Cersei, who’s gone from a ruler surrounded by enemies to a powerful and (quite possibly) well-funded ...

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6 Quotes (And 1 Telling Moment) From ‘Stormborn’ To Keep In Mind Heading Into Episode 3

As we gear up for episode three of this season of Game of Thrones, a few quotes from episode two could shed light on things to come.

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6 ‘Game of Thrones’ Quotes To Keep In Mind Heading Into Episode 2

For an episode that had a premiere date delayed by three months, and shortened seasons indicated a truncated storyline as Game of Thrones heads towards its final conclusion, the season seven premiere, “Dragonstone,” was largely ...

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Smoke and Ire on the Season Finale of ‘Better Call Saul’ (TV REVIEW)

Season three of Better Call Saul goes out in flames.

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