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Belle and Sebastian Mold Quintessential British Pop (Again) On ‘How To Solve Our Human Problems’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

You have to give Belle and Sebastian credit for their sheer perseverance. Over the course of their 22 years and umpteen numbers of albums and EPs, they’ve kept their consistency when it comes to a ...

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Ruby Boots Proves Self Assured Powerhouse On ‘Don’t Talk About It’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Mind the sparks that will no doubt pop from your speakers like little fireworks when you hear opening track “It’s So Cruel” off Ruby Boots’ new record Don’t Talk About It. It is an electrifying ...

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MGMT Returns To Pop Glory On ‘Little Dark Age’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

MGMT continues the inside joke of their satirical songwriting on their latest album,Little Dark Age, with a tip of the hat to convention. Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden wrote their mega-pop hits “Kids”, “Time to Pretend”, ...

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Curtis Roush Gets Mysterious & Expansive On Debut LP ‘Cosmic Campfire Music’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Campfires and the cosmos feel like they share something fundamental at their core. Mysterious and elemental, they can conjure great loneliness and deep belonging; an eternal catharsis lying in the beauty of their steadfast indifference ...

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Chris Hillman’s First Two Asylum Solo Albums Reissued on One CD “The Asylum Years” (Album Review)

Riding the success of last year’s critically acclaimed Chris Hillman’s Bidin’ My Time (produced by Tom Petty), Omnivore Records now weighs in with their 20-track compilation of Hillman’s first two solo albums from the mid- ‘70s. ...

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Nina Simone’s ‘Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles’ Showcases Vocalist At Her Finest (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nina Simone is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April. Hardly a rock ‘n roller, Simone’s influence stretches across multiple genres and awareness of her work is probably as strong ...

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Hockey Dad Go For Grungy Guitar Rock Sound With ‘Blend Inn’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s no denying the 1990s were an especially great decade for guitar-centric rock music. So great, in fact, that many of today’s young, up and coming rockers are reverting back to these not so distant ...

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The James Hunter Six Shuffles & Grooves Brilliantly on ‘Whatever It Takes’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

James Hunter has been a staple on the UK Soul scene since the mid-80’s and even while singing backups/touring the world with Van Morrison in the mid-90’s it seems that he is just now hitting ...

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Wannabe Reviews Strand of Oaks’ 2017 Release ‘Hard Love’

In the latest Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle takes a look back, Hard Love, the 2017 album from Strand of Oaks, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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The Wood Brothers’ ‘One Drop of Truth’ Wins With Intimacy and Inclusion (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Wood Brothers’ One Drop of Truth should have the same wholly positive effect on the fans who hear it as on new listeners to the group. This seventh studio record offers so satisfying an ...

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