Album Reviews

Phil Madeira Delivers a Piano-Based Song Cycle for Home on ‘Providence’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Phil Madeira is by turns multi- instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, illustrator, painter, producer, sideman, front man. Madeira, by his own admission, is far from a household name but he’s become a fixture in Nashville and certainly in ...

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Ministry Returns To Industrial Beat Machine With Anti-Politically Fueled ‘AmeriKKKant’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There have been surprisingly few raging protest albums during the Trump presidency, most have been resigned to stunned, can’t-believe-this-happened status, but with the release of Ministry’s 14th studio full-length AmeriKKKant, the industrial metal legends seemed to ...

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Eels (Mark Oliver Everett) Recover Their Muse On ‘The Deconstruction’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Eels’ new album, The Deconstruction, nearly didn’t happen. After taking a four-year hiatus from which he wasn’t certain that he’d return, Mark Oliver Everett, the band’s eternal mastermind and provocateur, slowly recovered his muse. It ...

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Wannabe Reviews Great Peacock’s ‘Gran Pavo Real’

In the latest Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle offers his illustrated commentary on Gran Pavo Real, the new album from country rockers Great Peacock, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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Naked Giants Sift Through Vintage Rock Eras On Debut LP ‘SLUFF’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When I first saw the Naked Giants’ frenetic shredding onstage a few months back, it felt like capturing lightning in a bottle. Their performance was youthful and wild like they were making it up as ...

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Rod Picott Regales with Short Stories on “Out Past the Wires” (Album Review)

Rod Picott is a multi-faceted writer. This double CD set of songs, Out Past the Wires, is the inspiration for an accompanying book of short stories. While we deal only with the music in the ...

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Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite Rally For An Encore With ‘No Mercy In This Land’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When you win a Grammy as Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite did in 2014 for Get Up! an encore is certainly called for. In No Mercy in This Land the collaborative duo reaches even deeper ...

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Great Peacock Is The Real Deal On ‘Gran Pavo Real’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There are times where a band’s name and album cover provide little or no indication of what to expect. And when said references offer an image that’s the exact opposite of the music that accompanies ...

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Kacey Musgraves Blossoms On ‘Golden Hour’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Within the span of three studio albums, one being a holiday collection, Kacey Musgraves established herself as sharp-witted, sincere, and assured. Her brand of country music recalls the storytelling glory days of the 90s; characters ...

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Mary Chapin Carpenter Celebrates Thirty Years of Recording with ‘Sometimes Just the Sky’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

We are reaching the point where many of our favorite artists are pausing to reflect, as if to ask whether they would record their beloved songs the same way again. We’ve seen this with artists ...

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