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Art Rock Lifers Kim Gordon & Bill Nace Deliver More Experimental Guitar Noise Via Body/Head’s ‘The Switch’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For the second studio release from the experimental guitar noise duo Body/Head titled The Switch, the art rock lifers Kim Gordon and Bill Nace decided for a less structured approach than their debut Coming Apart. ...

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The Sleazeball Orchestra Win With Their Unique Stamp Of Sleazy Stripper Jazz On ‘I Ain’t In Love No More ‘ (ALBUM REVIEW

The Sleazeball Orchestra proudly proclaim they play sleazy stripper jazz and any burlesque show with this soundtrack should be honored as I Ain’t In Love No More manages to blend quirky modern day love troubles ...

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Wannabe Reviews Culture Abuse’s ‘Bay Dream’

In the latest Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle offers his illustrated commentary on Bay Dream, the new album from heavy rockers Culture Abuse, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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Jimmy LaFave’s Posthumous LP ‘Peace Town’ Proves Essential Introduction & Farewell (ALBUM REVIEW)

Last year’s premature passing of Austin singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave was a tragedy for the music world as a whole, but Americana music in particular. LaFave’s songs were both poignant and purposeful, not only his insightful ...

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AHI Strikes With Gravel On Silk Vocals On Second LP ‘In Our Time’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s nothing immediately striking about AHI (an acronym of Ahkinoah Habah Izarh’s name and pronounced ‘eye’), and that seems to suit him well. Humble is an oft overused word, but it feels right here. From ...

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Cowboy Junkies Continue Their Unique Hushed & Harmonious Sound With ‘All That Reckoning’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Anyone who’s ever heard even a few notes culled from any Cowboy Junkies album released in the past 30 years will attest to the fact that they’re hardly the most upbeat bunch. With a sound ...

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Rolling Stones Shine a Light In Later Era ‘From The Vault: No Security San Jose ’99’ (ALBUM/DVD REVIEW)

[rating=8.00 In his essay for the seventh release in the Rolling Stones From the Vault archive series, San Jose ’99, Paul Sexton adopts a wizened but nonetheless insightful perspective writing about the career of a ...

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Twenty Albums In, Eliza Gilkyson Channels a New Kind of Spirituality on “Secularia’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Eliza Gilkyson, twenty albums in, seems to be marshaling all her inner emotions, her feminist and political activism, as she challenges conventional religious beliefs while beseeching us to be more accountable in these divisive times. ...

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Deafheaven Reach New Audial Heights With ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fourth album from California based, post-black/shoe-gaze/black-gaze/whatever metal outfit Deafheaven is a transitional disk that manages to expand upon their foundation while reaching new audial heights. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love won’t put to bed the nausea-inducing ...

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Jason Isbell’s First Solo Album ‘Sirens of the Ditch’ Reissued and Expanded with Four New Songs (ALBUM REVIEW)

If Jason Isbell is not yet a household name, he is at the top of the list when one mentions “Americana” these days. New West Records, likely wishing he was still on their roster, is ...

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