Album Reviews

Seth Walker’s First Live LP ‘Live At Mauch Chunk Opera House’ Proves Distinctive (ALBUM REVIEW)

Seth Walker’s music, a fusion of style at the flash-point of blues and country, is that very distinctive sort difficult, if not impossible to categorize, much less pigeonhole with ease. As a result, this songwriter, ...

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Darlingside Mold Haunting Neo-Pop Mix on ‘Extralife’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Some records are so strikingly beautiful, they burrow into your consciousness from the first listen on. And when looking for obvious examples, one need only look to the band Darlingside, whose celestial, neo-pop sound is ...

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The Weight Band – Former Members of Levon Helm’s Band Keep It Going On ‘World Gone Mad’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When Levon Helm passed, his fervent wish, as expressed to his close friends like Jim Weider and Jimmy Vivino, was to “keep it going.”  In that spirit, Levon’s famed barn, home of the Midnight Rambles, ...

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The Jerry Garcia Band Shines In Hawaiian Form on ‘GarciaLive Volume 10: 5/20 Hilo Civic Auditorium’

The Grateful Dead’s biographer and one-time publicist Dennis McNally has a deceptively brilliant style of writing, so in his essay accompanying GarciaLive Volume 10, he fully captures both the practical and ineffable virtues of this ...

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Caroline Rose Blooms With Quirky and Catchy Modern Pop On ‘Loner’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Caroline Rose boasts a quirky kind of persona. Where once she would have been branded as New Wave, now her sound fits firmly in the echelons of modern pop. Her new album Loner suggests she’s ...

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Screaming Females’ ‘All At Once’ Is Sprawling, Satisfying and Precise (Album Review)

  By their seventh album, most bands are winding down into a comfort zone that will largely appeal to the core base of fans they developed earlier on in their career. Screaming Females buck this ...

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John Mayall Brings Disciplined Improvisation On ‘Three From The Road’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Its cover photo of the band radiating all the easygoing informality of a family get-together, Three From The Road is replete with the kind of easygoing exchanges of ideas that can abound at such events. ...

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Patrick Coman Delivers Eclectic Mix on “Tree of Life” (ALBUM REVIEW)

This is a rather pleasant surprise, never having heard of Patrick Coman. Yet, when the producer credits denoted guitarist Peter Parcek and drummer Marco Giovino, Coman’s Tree of Life certainly seemed worthy of a listen. ...

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Janiva Magness Taps into Vintage Memphis Soul On Adventurous ‘Love Is an Army’ (Album Review)

Janiva Magness has tried many different styles across what is now her 14th album Love Is An Army. Acoustic blues, powerhouse blues, and Americana have all been staples for her. Her 2016 effort, “Love Wins ...

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Soulive Return to Classic Form & Refreshed Sound On ‘Cinematics, Vol. 1 EP’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Like photos of Soulive on their website, Cinematics, Vol. 1 is a long way from the close-cropped haircuts with suits and ties of the trio’s early days. And other changes wrought over that passage of ...

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