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Joshua Hedley Becomes Class Act With Clear Vision On ‘Mr. Jukebox’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s that old adage, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to,” and then there’s Joshua Hedley. The buzz country singer’s major label debut Mr. Jukebox (on Jack White’s Third Man Records, no less) feels ...

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Pete Townshend’s ‘Who Came First’ 45th Anniversary Edition Proves Durable & Visionary (ALBUM REVIEW)

“The Seeker,” an exalting version of which appears on the second CD in this 45th anniversary edition of Pete Townshend’s Who Came First, is not one of his most stellar compositions, but the name of ...

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Neil Young’s ‘Roxy-Tonight’s The Night Live’ Encompasses Musical Ragged Glory (ALBUM REVIEW)

The ever-so-loose aggregation dubbed ‘The Santa Monica Flyers,’ appearing on Neil Young’s Roxy-Tonight’s The Night Live has more than a little in common with his most regular accompanists of recent years, Lukas Nelson and Promise ...

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Jazz Experimentalist Dana Murray Creates Demanding Yet Rewarding Listen With ‘The Negro Manifesto’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Through his almost 30-year career Omaha’s Dana Murray has been a collaborator, sideman, producer or educator, roles that he will continue.  Given his impressive resume, it’s rather surprising that this is drummer Dana Murray’s first ...

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Bob Rea Echoes Classic Singer-Songwriter Era With ‘Southbound’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Bob Rea has been making music for 50 years, but this is only his third recording, the previous coming 7 years ago. His is a vintage style, compared by some to Johnny Cash, Guy Clark, ...

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A Perfect Circle Turns 180 on ‘Eat the Elephant’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Mood and atmosphere are ramped up in A Perfect Circle's first album of all new, all original material in 15 years.

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Simone Felice Creates Radiant Listening With ‘The Projector’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Since departing the cheery camaraderie of his Felice Brothers in 2009, Simone Felice has created a body of solo work cinematic in its detail and borderline hallucinatory in its introspection. Not wholly bereft of the ...

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Brandi Carlile Wraps Up Three Night Sold Out Beacon Theatre Stand With Vigor (SHOW REVIEW)

It feels lately as though Brandi Carlile has defied the odds. Since splashing onto the scene more than a decade ago with her sublime sophomore album, The Story, she’s built up a sizeable following and ...

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Josh Rouse Establishes Smooth Groove On ‘Love in the Modern Age’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Josh Rouse has always taken an unassuming stance throughout most of his career, never making music that sounds so assertive as to detract from his generally supple style. Love in the Modern Age is no ...

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Nels Cline 4 Satisfies Creative Muses With Debut ‘Currents, Constellations’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nels Cline has it all figured out. He plays with Wilco for the bigger audiences and makes adventurous avant-jazz albums to satisfy his ever-changing, creative muse. Wilco’s lead guitarist since 2004 began his recording career ...

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