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The Honesty Of The Del McCoury Band’s ‘Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass’ Will Speak To You (ALBUM REVIEW)

Bluegrass isn’t a new musical genre, but the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, part of the 2000 film, gave it a very grand, very specific, relatively mainstream moment, that eventually passed. Sure, there have ...

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String Band Twisted Pine Offer Up Distinctive Covers EP ‘Dreams’ (EP REVIEW)

One might think it’s a bit early in their infancy for string band Twisted Pine to offer up a covers EP. Having written every song on their well-received debut, Dreams might have been conceived as ...

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Howlin’ Rain Stirs The Pot On Engaging ‘The Alligator Bride’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Howlin’ Rain’s The Alligator Bride may be indebted to some readily-discernible contemporary rock influences-unlikely opposites such as Free and the Grateful Dead-but only indirectly so and then only gleefully so. There’s not one iota of ...

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Detroit Guitar Jazz/Funk Legend Dennis Coffey Boils with Live Session ‘One Night at Morey’s: 1968’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It seems that there’s a revival of funk guitarists going on. Just two weeks after Resonance released three albums of Grant Green’s evolution funk from the 70s, Omnivore has released a live session from Detroit ...

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The Mother Hips Continue Offer Fierce & Anthemicaly Celebratory New LP ‘Chorus’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The last three and a half years have been really tough for San Francisco’s Mother Hips. This band has weathered a series of setbacks that, short of the death of a band member (which was ...

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A$AP Rocky’s Creative and Technical Lyricism Shines On ‘Testing’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

While most of the hip-hop world’s focus centers around the Pusha T-Drake beef, in case you missed it A$AP Rocky released a very personal and groundbreaking album Testing on 5/26. Testing is Rocky’s third studio album, but ...

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The Mulligan Brothers Prove Enticing and Evocative With ‘Songs for the Living and Otherwise’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Mulligan Brothers are an evocative bunch, and though they’re not brothers at all — as evidenced by the fact that they don’t share the same surname and that there’s at least one woman in ...

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John Calvin Abney’s ‘Coyote’ Rides The Rail of Atmospheric Emotions (ALBUM REVIEW)

If you caught John Moreland on tour any time in 2017, you were treated to a mind-blowing performance from his sideman and sole bandmate, John Calvin Abney. The fellow Oklahoman is a multi-instrumentalist and managed ...

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Rusty Young Still Has Stories To Tell (INTERVIEW)

It is a song custom made for a sunny spring afternoon, with its lilting melody and sweetly harmonic vocal trails, reminiscing about people who have made you smile over the years. For Poco’s Rusty Young, ...

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Tami Neilson Stays Bold, Brassy & Assertive With ‘Sassafrass!’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

As a follow up to her last album, the boldly titled Don’t Be Afraid, Canada’ singer and songwriter Tami Neilson continues to procure a distinctive sound that’s bold, brassy and flush with an assertive ability. ...

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