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Wayne Shorter Releases Visual and Musical Project Spanning Three Albums of Original Music on “Emanon” (ALBUM REVIEW)

As you can tell from the big headline Eamon is a multi-media project. We will focus on the music but the accompanying graphic novel and its back story is essential to understanding both the impetus ...

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Candi Staton Celebrates 30th Album with Bold “Unstoppable” (ALBUM REVIEW)

Candi Staton releases her 30th album, Unstoppable, aptly titled for a career in R&B, gospel, blues and even disco. She’s had hits in 5 different decades. Here she reunites with producer Mark Nevers who was ...

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White Denim Blends Energy and Exhilaration on Seventh LP ‘Performance’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Ten years on, White Denim applies the basics of rock and roll through an irrepressible attitude and a sound that consistently blends energy with exhilaration. Their tenth album Performance shares those traits, and given the fact that ...

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New Zealand/UK Singer Lucie Silvas Displays Inner Dusty Springfield On “E.G.O” (Album Review)

Lucie Silvas has made a platinum selling album (2004’s Breathe In), worked with a variety of major labels, and played on stages alongside music’s top selling artists. In one sense, she seems to have had ...

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David Olney Pleas for Open Hearts Among Dark Shadows and Ominous Walls in ‘This Side or the Other’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Veteran singer-songwriter David Olney takes a poetic look at the darkness inevitably surrounding the current immigration crisis, pleading for open hearts and mercy in the process. It’s not quite a themed album but, for the ...

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Wannabe Reviews Austin Lucas’ ‘Immortal Americans’

In the latest Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle offers his illustrated commentary on Immortal Americans, the new album from Americana crooner Austin Lucas, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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Bob Dylan Live 1962-1966: Rare Performances From The Copyright Collections (ALBUM REVIEW)

The twenty-nine Bob Dylan concert recordings contained on this two-CD set certainly speak volumes on their own terms, but it’s enlightening to learn about the background of this release, if only because it was issued ...

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Folk Soul Revival Combines Archival Elements On Vintage Self Titled Effort (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s an ample amount of soul, and with it, equal parts folk and revival in the aptly named five piece outfit Folk Soul Revival. Indeed, the band does an outstanding job of combining all kinds ...

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Mitski Follows Up ‘Puberty 2’ With Dynamic & Powerful ‘Be The Cowboy’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Be the Cowboy the fifth album by Mitski –full name Mitski Miyawaki – followers hear breakthrough album Puberty 2, one of the finest albums of 2016. For the followup, Mitski does a lot of things ...

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Joe Ely Reveals Initial Recordings on ‘Full Circle: Lubbock Tapes’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Joe Ely sounds like a Texas version of honky-tonkin’ Hank Williams in these first set of countrified outings captured on Full Circle: The Lubbock Tapes, but as it unfolds his rock n’ roll persona comes ...

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