British Guitar Sensation Joanne Shaw Taylor Reignites Sony’s Silvertone Label With“Wild”Reissue (ALBUM REVIEW)

Joanne Shaw Taylor’s (JST) final Ruf recording was the terrific live CD/DVD Songs from the Road. After leaving Ruf, JST made two albums that received little distribution in the U.S. – The Dirty Truth (2014) ...

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Blues Songstress Gina Sicilia Dances With Americana on “Heard the Lie” (ALBUM REVIEW)

This writer has witnessed Gina Sicilia’s musical growth first-hand, recalling a bit shy, nervous then Philadelphia-based Sicilia in her early twenties (before she released any albums), and comparing that impression to the complete, confident, ever-evolving ...

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‘Blaze’ Takes Biopics to Awesome New Heights (FILM REVIEW)

Ethan Hawke has crafted the best biopic in years.

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‘Cielo’ Offers A Stunning Vision of the Night Sky (FILM REVIEW)

It’s strange to think how easy it is to take for granted something as omnipresent as the sky. In today’s world of selfies and screenshots, where productivity and output is job number one, where keeping ...

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Aaron Lee Tasjan Pushes Further Into Power Pop Territory On ‘Karma for Cheap’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Karma for Cheap is Aaron Lee Tasjan’s sophomore release for New West following 2016’s acclaimed Silver Tears. While that one had just enough twang to barely qualify it as an Americana album, this one jingles ...

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Madeleine Peyroux’s ‘Anthem’ Results In Leonard Cohen Inspired Collaborative Effort (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s been a quick 22 years since Madeleine Peyroux’s breakthrough with Dreamland and ten years since her last album of original songs. Yet, Anthem stands as Peyroux’s greatest work to date. She certainly harnessed plenty ...

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Interpol Strives For Another Black Classic On Sixth LP ‘Marauder’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The sound remains the same, and for a band like Interpol, that’s not a terrible thing. Their sixth studio album, Marauder, has the same twinkling guitars and apathetic vocals that serve as perfect catnip to ...

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‘Better Call Saul’ Reels Back on Latest Episode (TV RECAP)

AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff continues to burn with quiet intensity.

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Grateful Dead – Dave’s Picks Volume 27: BSU Pavilion, Boise State University, Boise, ID – 9/2/83 (ALBUM REVIEW)

One of the most remarkable facets of the Grateful Dead’s artistry was the uncanny means by which the core members forged chemistry with different additional personnel throughout the course of the band’s history. Early to ...

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The Creators Of ‘Searching’ On Crafting Their Tech-Facing Mystery Movie (INTERVIEW)

"If screens are so important to telling these stories, then obviously we live our lives on them. And if we live our lives on them, let's just tell a story on them." - 'Searching' director ...

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