May 9, 2008

Televised Tune: On the Tube This Weekend

If the hilarious promos NBC’s been running for this week’s Saturday Night Live are any indication, we’re in for quite a doozy. Shia LaBeouf hosts the episode, which features musical

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Fun With Graphs: A Study of Insects

Rambo’s gives us another doozy of a GraphJam:   Phish: Farmhouse (Live on Conan O’Brien) GraphJam: The Adventures of Stealer’s Wheel Previously on HT: Gotta Jibboo, Inspiration!, The Coal Ran

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In Memory of Ernie Stires (1925-2008)

When Trey Anastasio mentioned that Ernie Stires passed away during his speech at the Jammys, you could sense the pain and loss in the Phish guitarist’s voice. Stires taught Trey

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GGG Review: Yuto Takes Manhattan!!!

Exhausted from the Jammys, the afterparty, and the ill-thought-out decision to work a full day after, I nevertheless dragged myself down to NYC’s Rodeo Bar last night, intent on catching

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LoC: Not All That Glitters Is Pabst

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen various news reports on the supposedly ‘elitist’ Barack Obama and his choice of food and drink. Is it really that elitist to eat leafy-greens? I mean seriously folks; Obama is getting slammed for some pretty stupid things lately: bowling, arugula and not wearing an U.S. flag lapel pin every waking minute of his day. Is the press serious with this shit?!?

We as a society need to do a much better job of criticizing the candidates who will potentially be our next leader by asking questions that are relevant to the future of our country and not whether they prefer McDonald’s to Ruth’s Chris. And why is no one criticizing Hillary Clinton for this? She just spent $6.4 million more on her campaign. Is it not elitist to donate that much money to your own campaign? Oh wait, I forgot it is okay with Middle America because she consumes beer.

Barack Obama grew up in a single-parent household and on food stamps for a time. He attended some of the best colleges in the country because of his determination and ability to receive financial aid; he was a community organizer for a time in Chicago that paid little to nothing. I think Karl Rove said it worst, “You argue the son of a single working mom can’t be an elitist. But it’s not where you start in life, it’s where you end up.” Wow. Way to crush what I thought was the American Dream. The dream that no matter who you are, where you are – that if you try hard enough, have the desire and work ethic that one day you too can be as successful (read: rich like you Karl) as anyone else in Hollywood, in the political spotlight, or perhaps even a musician…which leads me to this weeks music related content: Hospitality Riders. I mean if we’re going to criticize what the candidates consume, we might as well do the same with the artists that we know and adore. READ ON to find out what musicians need to perform…

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Tour Dates: The Siren Calls

For the eighth year in a row the Village Voice will bring their Siren Festival back to Coney Island. The all day FREE fest will take place on Saturday July

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Frank Zappa Concert = 2 CD Live Album

A previously unreleased 1972 concert is the latest release from the Frank Zappa archives to see the light of day. "Wazoo," a two-disc set documenting Zappa’s Sept. 24, 1972 show

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Portishead: Third

Lots of people are complaining that Third doesn't sound like Portishead. These people are smoking crack. In fact, they're probably trying to smoke crack through their ears, which means the crack smoke is blocking out the music.

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