August 2008

The Dead To Tour In ’09

For those of you who didn’t catch this item yesterday on, there is some big news coming out of the Grateful Dead camp. Take a look… Sources confirm that

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Televised Tune: On The Tube This Weekend

Bonefish Grill’s Notes From The Road offers glimpses of life on the road, behind-the-scenes footage and candid conversations with bands and artists touring the U.S. this summer. This week’s episode

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The Lowdown on The moe.down Webcast

moe. kicks off their ninth annual moe.down in just a few short hours up in Turin, New York. As we mentioned a few weeks back, those of us who can’t

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Some Goodies From Classic TAB

As we await the announcement of the Classic TAB Fall Tour, the folks at have given us a few goodies to tide us over. Not only do we have

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Soul of the City: New York City

If you’re lucky enough to live in live music strongholds like New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Boston or Chicago, there’s something good to go to literally every night of the week. It isn’t always the national headliners, of course, or indie-blog buzz acts that make the rounds, either—it’s the tireless musicians who form the backbone of every local music community and the tireless music hounds who come out to see them week after week.

With that in mind, welcome to Soul of the City, where we’ll be checking in on city-specific scenes and getting the lay of the live music land from local correspondents from time to time. To kick things off, here are a few dispatches from the unslept city. If you want to wax on a bit about your local music scene—NYC or otherwise—and give us a scribbler’s tour of local haunts, drop Chad a line at cberndtson[at]gmail[dot]com.

Shayni Rae’s Truckstop (Mondays at the National Underground, Lower East Side)

I first heard Kevn Kinney the same way a lot of folks in the Northeast do: through his longstanding association with Warren Haynes and other heavyweights of the jam scene. His catalog of honky-tonk-ready, folk-blues nuggets includes at least one great (and regionally iconic) song, Straight to Hell, and every time you see him you’re hard pressed to figure out why he’s a well-known quantity in the southeast but nowhere else.

Anyway, Kinney’s in New York often—he splits his time between the Big Apple and Atlanta—and apart from one-offs, opening slots and scooting back down South for gigs with Drivin ‘n’ Cryin’ and others, he holds it down every Monday night with the weekly (and recently revived) honky-tonk series Shayni Rae’s Truckstop. The titular Shayni Rae, of course, is Kinney’s wife, and the National Underground is a kind Houston Street nook, co-owned by Gavin DeGraw and his brother Joey.

This, friends, is a greasy slice of Monday night country-soul nourishment, and apart from the regular contributors, which include Kinney, drummer Anton Fier, and the wily Madison Square Gardeners, the Truckstop has played host to impromptu appearances from Norah Jones, Audley Freed, Cat Popper, Gov’t Mule’s Andy Hess, and Gavin himself, and members of the Drive-By Truckers and other big guns have also been spotted there. Good scene. Sob into your beer a bit but come out feeling better than when you went in.

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Uncesored Thursdays: Crap You Can Actually Buy At 30,000 Feet

It’s time once again to check in with the irreverent mind behind Uncensored Interview’s blog, The Shark, for another installment of Uncensored Thursdays…


We’ve all been guilty at one point in our lives of being on an American Airlines flight and secretly perusing through the Sky Mall Catalogue to check out the odd, seemingly random crap that you can purchase while cruising 30,000 feet above Wichita. Hey man, don’t feel embarrassed, the crap they offer is almost trance-inducing in its ridiculousness. Even indie Aussies like The Presets aren’t immune to the hypnotic spell cast upon weary travelers by Sky Mall:

Just in case you’re wondering, yes, both the Pet Ramp and Fake Rock Cover-ups are real, honest to God items that you can buy while sitting in coach. In the words of the immortal Casey Kasem, “Ponderous, fucking ponderous.”

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Radiohead Webcast This Evening?

The Radiohead crew shared a piece of advice this morning on Dead Air Space: Might come in handy. If you’ve got a mac, download flip4mac for your quicktime player, or

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Briefly: Yonder Mountain Rocks With Barack

Our political correspondent, Jennifer Kirk, has been on hiatus for the past few weeks, so I’ll take her place by letting y’all know that local boys Yonder Mountain String Band

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