November 25, 2008

Tour Dates: The One-Man Dan Band

Dan Auerbach is best known for being half of the Akron, OH blues-rock duo The Black Keys. The singer/guitarist, who sounds remarkably like Warren Haynes, seems to have found the

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Review: Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival

We’ve always been fans of the music and art blog, so we’re excited to welcome the site’s creator, Alex Borsody, to tell us about his experience at the 2008 Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival in Live Oak…

“When I pulled up to the campground [for the 2008 Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival] it seemed like every person I saw, whether a fan or musician, was someone I knew, that’s when a festival turns out to be more like a family reunion.” This paraphrased quote was spoken by Florida native JJ Grey of Mofro, and it sums up the general sentiment at the event. Nestled in the woods of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Resort in Live Oak, Florida, the harvest moon hung high over head as the spell of the season of the witch spread throughout the campground, like the spirit of music itself.

Being a bass player I have particular respect for funk. The creative rhythms created throughout the weekend played with negative space and the length of notes, creating catchy and danceable grooves, a rare and mysterious talent in music. One of the things separating an incredible player from the virtuoso is the ability to memorize and recall different patterns and melodies on cue. The skilled funk guitarists, organ players and drummers were equally exceptional. Some of the world’s best funk bands were in full effect this weekend, including the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Lettuce, Soulive, Papa Mali, Cadillac Jones and Dumpstaphunk. That many elite funk bands in one place is truly an uncommon occurrence. The soulful music complemented the crisp, fall air, awakening primordial emotions and creating a sentimental and celebratory environment for this harvest festival.

Those who arrived for the Thursday pre-show, got to catch live electronic music by Telepath, one of the only two electronica sets of the weekend, also a face melting, power drumming, climactic jam by Perpetual Groove. The Motet played with Kyle Hollingsworth, the keyboardist for the String Cheese Incident, foreshadowing the many collaborations to come.

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Reminder: Strange Design Giveaway

Just a reminder that our giveaway for two pair of tickets to catch phenoms Strange Design cover Phish’s epic performances at the Beacon from 1994 at Sullivan Hall on Friday

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Hidden Flick: Intermission – Part II

Well…time for more popcorn, Red Vines, Raisinettes, and a refill of that 97-ounce soda. We take a break from our regular look at obscure films with another edition of Intermission, which means another look at a cinematic chestnut that may have been lauded or groundbreaking in the past, but has since been forgotten in history’s hourglass.

The art of making films does not always require human characters. We have seen the future, and life forms come in all different shapes, all manners of tricky invention spun and tweaked through months of computer-generated exotica into various tales—action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and the deluge of superhero-centric films. This week’s Hidden Flick was the first feature-length animated film, a unique gem of meticulously crafted silhouettes, and we tip our hat to The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

The tale comes from a classic, time-honored source—excerpts from The Story of Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou, found within 1001 Arabian Nights, and featured in Andrew Lang’s The Blue Fairy Book. Prince Achmed, Aladdin, a flying horse and the Witch of the Fiery Mountain face-off with a formidable foe, an evil African sorcerer, in order to win the heart of Princess Peri Banu who comes from an island filled with magic.

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Annuals Lines Up 2009 Tour Dates

Annuals just wrapped up an awesome, and hugely successful tour with Minus the Bear, and we’re super excited to announce that newdates have been added to their 2009 headlining tour.

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Neil Young : Sugar Mountain – Live At Canterbury House 1968

Hard as it is to imagine, when Sugar Mountain Live was recorded in 1968, Neil Young was no more or less than a virtual unknown anxious to gauge the acceptance of both his music and performance  months after leaving Buffalo Springfield.Live At Canterbury House is a seventy-minute composite of stereo recordings taken from both nights of solo acoustic performances that constitutes a declaration of purpose and an artistic statement that resonates to this day.

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Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy: From Two Perspectives

Simply stated there has never been a release like this in the history of popular music.  17 years in the making, what kind of expectations is one supposed to have for Chinese Democracy?  One thing is certain, the name may be Guns N Roses but this is an Axl Rose solo project with hired “Guns” brought in to round out the “Rose”.

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