October 2009

Phish @ Festival 8: Night Two Setlist

Phish October 31,2009 Festival 8 Indio, California Set 1: Sample In A Jar, The Divided Sky, Lawn Boy, Kill Devil Falls, Bathtub Gin, The Squirming Coil, Runaway Jim, Possum, Run

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Live From Indio: Night One Wrap

Alright, everybody’s up and at them for day two and sets three, four & five of the weekend. I realize I didn’t speak to the actual music played last night, I figured everyone had access to a live stream and was forming their own opinions, but may as well get this down on paper:


[all photos by Regan Teti Marscher]

The music? A bit vanilla but had it’s moments. Major key-jam in Stash was money and the Wolfman’s was great. What was up with what Trey was singing in Piper? Sounded like Lizards for a split-second then went into a little chord progression that sounded a little rehearsed and then Trey stepped up to the microphone and everyone looked around hoping someone knew what song it was and an answer never came.


Trey joked in the Bowie intro that it was a hint as to what album they were covering for Halloween. Trey & Fish were uncharacteristically not on the same page as a couple of jams started to wrap up, just not the type of “mistakes” you normally see Phish make.

READ ON for more of Dave’s thoughts and Regan’s photos…

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Phish to Return to Miami For NYE

As has long been rumored, Phish will return to the American Airlines Arena in Miami for their traditional four-show New Year’s run. In typical prankster fashion the band put an

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Live From Indio: Phish in 3D

Published: October 31, 2009 Before set one I had the opportunity to chat with a VP at AEG and he took me and a couple of friends over to their

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Phish @ Festival 8: Setlists

Phish October 30, 2009 Festival 8 Indio, CA Set 1: Party Time, Chalk Dust Torture, The Moma Dance, NICU, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Stash, I Didn’t Know, Poor

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Phish @ Festival 8: Live Blog – Night One

Welcome to the first-ever Hidden Track live blog using CoverItLive. With the use of CoverItLive we’ll be able to discuss tonight’s Phish concert with our readers while watching a few of the Twitter feeds come through from Indio in real time.

CLICK THROUGH to participate in the F8 Live Blog…

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Live From Indio: DaveO Checks In

5:30PM PDT:  Two hours until Phish takes the stage and everything here is very laid back. Drinking my first Sierra FOAM and it’s delicious. There’s maybe a couple thousand already

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Friday’s Leftovers: From The Archives #14

We’re closing in on the official start of the action at Festival 8 after last night’s private soundcheck that was broadcast over The Bunny. We’ll be kicking off our interactive

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