April 12, 2010

Stormy Mondays: Garcia + Kahn

It’s springtime and around here that means one thing: the music of Jerry Garcia. Normally our thoughts turn to JGB in one of its various incarnations but this year’s JG

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Announcing: Roger Waters – The Wall Tour

As we mentioned last week – and after being heavily rumored on the internet for months – former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters today announced that he will indeed be dusting off The Wall to perform the seminal album in its entirety in honor of its 30th anniversary. Waters, whose last tour featured a full rendition of Dark Side Of The Moon, is “promising to bring an updated version of the legendary set into the 21st century”.

Pink Floyd’s original tour behind The Wall, which was documented and released as the live album Is There Anybody Out There?, was a multimedia spectacle that featured the band playing as a 40-foot brick wall was slowly constructed behind them and featured animated films projected onto it, while inflatable characters floated into the audience.

Waters’ website relaunched today with a full redesign featuring ticketing and tour information. READ ON for the full list of tour dates…

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Scrapbook: The Grateful Dead at the NYHS

Comprised of a sampling of high points from the much larger yet-to-be-opened archive housed at the University of California Santa Cruz, the new Grateful Dead installation at the New York Historical Society contains an unintended irony for its visitors, one whose magnitude multiplied exponentially for jamband fans after the past few weeks. Given the high correlation of Grateful Dead fans and the so-called heirs to their jam throne, Phish, anyone traipsing through the exhibit can’t help but notice the stark contrast in the area that has perhaps changed most (and for the worse) since the proverbial torch pass: buying tickets.

With jam fans currently experiencing the difficulties of procuring ducats to some of this summer’s toughest shows, Phish’s three night run at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, the Grateful Dead exhibit provides fans with a fond taste of how it used to be, as the smallish museum room contains an eyebrow-raising amount of Greek Theater-related swag. From hand-edited drafts of instructions for mail order requests (asking fans to simply write their name and address on a standard index card and send a money order), to a sampling of favorite hand-decorated mail order envelopes, to the letters from Deadheads offering their ideas, advice, and gratitude, the exhibit successfully paints the picture of just how close to home the band kept it.

Other highlights of the exhibit include excerpts from GD vault archivist, Dick Latvala’s notebook complete with his internal dialogue about some of the band’s most legendary shows, a blueprint diagram of the famed Wall of Sound from the ’74 tour, including a full description of its ridiculous cost to transport and maintain ($350,000 to build, $100,000 a month for upkeep), the original letter to the powers-that-be to access the rights to perform at the pyramids in Egypt, and Jerry Garcia’s Rosebud (the gorgeous guitar designed by Doug Irwin). READ ON for more…

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Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Tiny Light

As we previously reported, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals are set to release their new self-titled studio effort, and first with new bass player Catherine Popper & rhythm guitarist Benny

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Televised Tune: On the Tube This Week

Thursday night is a good one musically for the late-night talk shows. You can catch a repeat of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts on Letterman at 11:35PM, Spoon on Jimmy

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MGMT: Congratulations

If you approached MGMT’s newest release,Congratulations, with any expectations, than expect to be thoroughly perplexed after your first listen –  or fourteenth as well.  Contrary to their breakout 2008 release, Oracular Spectacular, the core duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, constructed a record that may not contain a “Kids,” but rather an assembly of ecstasy wave inspired surf odysseys that embody what they believe is a whole sense to their formation of the nine piece collection.

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Passion Pit: Beaumont Club, Kansas City, MO 4/5/10

Almost a year has passed since the release of Manners, so followers of the group now hold extremely high expectations for any future creative output from the band.  Live Passion Pit shows, such as the one on display at the Beaumont Club, gave fans the hint there's still more to be heard from the Cambridge quintet in the months and years ahead.

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