July 2010

SCI @ Horning’s Hideout: Update #1

Words: Jason Gershuny
Images: Benjamin Slayter

Good afternoon wishes from the heart of the wooded wondrous wilderness of Horning’s Hideout. This incredible festival hosted by the String Cheese Incident is off and running and is cruising along at full speed. Words can’t properly describe the true depth of the artistic collaboration of all forms that join together to create a brilliant and organic ambiance palpable throughout this wooded paradise.

This year’s festival has evolved to include: multiple ornately decorated stages chock full of all sorts of styles and perspectives of music, informative workshops and discussion panels that bring issues like “Activism in the Music Industry”, and “Being Honest with Your Kids” to light, and artistic pockets of creations throughout the woods that the adventurous explorer may come across with just a little wandering spirit. You could even find yourself surrounded by a mossy wooded backdrop and a southing flowing stream deep in the woods with a world famous Voodoo doughnut in your hand from the Cascadia coffee house. There is so much to see and do here, that the term eye candy may need to be revamped to all five sense candy just to be fair to all of your senses.

Thursday’s at Horning’s Hideout in past years has been a day to greet friends, set up camp and ground oneself to prepare for the upcoming party with less of a focus on big stage music. This year was different, and on behalf of all the music lovers in the crowd, I thank you for it. To kick things off we had four sets of String Cheese Incident side projects that got the party fully started a day early. READ ON for more of Jason’s thoughts & Ben’s pictures…

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Briefly: Furthur @ MSG & Worcester

Furthur will return to New York City for the fifth set of shows in just under a year within city limits on November 20 and 21. After performing at the

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Friday’s Leftovers: CashOrTrade Hits 10K

Brothers Brando and Dusty Rich started CashOrTrade.org last year to offer Phish fans a free place to buy, sell or trade tickets with like-minded fans. Since the site’s inception in

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Neil Young Tackles Double Rainbow

“Neil Young” returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday to perform a bittersweet ballad about an epic double rainbow… “Neil Young” – Double Rainbow Song This marks Neil’s third

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Shelter from the Storm: Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Years: by Sid Griffin

Up until now, the hands-down best book written about the Rolling Thunder tour has been On The Road With Bob Dylan by Larry “Ratso” Sloman. Sid Griffin’s new Shelter From The Storm approaches the Rolling Thunder tour in a very different manner, taking the journalist out of the mix, maintaining a respectable objectivity, and using a wider lens to take in the bigger picture of what was going on with Dylan during that time period.

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