ON AN ON – Unison (Björk Cover)

Very rarely does a cover of a Björk song not only do the original justice but in fact expand upon the emotional landscape offered by the Icelandic chanteuse. ON AN

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Kimbra: Vows

Combining a witty lyrical framework with a grand sense of musical pomp and circumstance, Kimbra uses her debut album Vows to provoke listeners to be bold and go against the flow.

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yMusic: Beautiful Mechanical

Even taken with its apparent downfalls, this is an album with which they should be quite proud. It not only proves their capability alongside their frequent collaborators, but actually asserts the relevance and necessity for a language that is wholly yMusic.

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Björk has collaborated with app developers, scientists, writers, inventors, musicians and instrument makers to create a unique multi-media exploration of the universe and its physical forces—particularly those where music, nature,

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Flunk : Chop Suey, Seattle, WA 5/03/2006

When Norwegian trip-hop outfit Flunk first gained recognition with a cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” (from 2002’s For Sleepyheads Only), it was easy to wonder whether they would be around long. Recently playing to a bursting-at-the-seams Chop Suey, however, it was evident that they’ve stumbled onto a winning formula. Led by frontwoman Anja Øyen Vister, the band produced a breathy, atmospheric mix of tunes spanning their three studio albums.

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