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Camper Van Beethoven: La Costa Perdida

Camper Van Beethoven’s eighth album and first in eight years revives the character study of American oddities the band’s reunion record, New Roman Times, hatched way back in 2004. On La Costa Perdida, Camper keeps the crazies confined to small-town California in this second ode to scandal and scoundrels, among them a fugitive speaking broken Spanish and harboring a secret he can’t outrun. This “half-aware-o caballero” of the album’s upbeat title track kills off his woman and goes on the lam, all the while snarling a half-sinister warning: “You don’t wanna know.”

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David Lowery – Going Solo 27 Years Later

Is David Lowery going solo these days? Yes and no, according to him. His latest collection, The Palace Guards, takes Camper and Cracker’s frontman to untouched territory within his mind and music.  What may sound familiar is the trusted circle of musicians Lowery has relied on for over 17 years and who are once again instrumental in creating the sounds for The Palace.

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Cover Wars: Sweet Virginia Edition

Sweet Virginia is the sixth track off the 1972 Rolling Stones Album Exile On Main St. On the studio cut, Mick Jagger is backed by Keith Richards, Clydie King, Vanetta Fields, Dr. John, Shirley Goodman and Tammi Lynn on vocals. Thanks to Keno’s Rolling Stones Website for all that info.

Cover Wars

Allow me to quote a bit of James Hector’s, The Complete Guide to the Music of the Rolling Stones

The nearest the Stones ever got to a round-the-campfire song, through Baden-Powell probably wouldn’t have appreciate the refrain. “Got to scrape the shit right off your shoes” suggested that the song may have been an obscure slant on the old standard ‘Walking Blues’, but the blues (& the reds & the greens, for that matter) referred to the song were in tablet form. If one Stones’ song was written by Keith and Gram Parsons up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ‘Sweet Virginia’ must have been it.

The Contestants:

Camper Van Beethoven: Leading off this week we’ve got this cover from Camper Van Beethoven during their first incarnation as a band. Camper Van Beethoven disappeared for the majority of the 1990’s only to reappear in 1999 and have been touring and recording sporadically ever since. Source: 11-12-1989


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Cracker – Milk & Honey With David Lowery

Signing with a new record label (Savoy/429 Records) Cracker returns with the usual suspects: Lowery’s long-time partner, Johnny Hickman, drummer Frank Funaro and bassist Sal Maida.  Taking a new approach to their creative process, Sunrise is a collaborative effort by all four bandmates. Surprisingly self-disciplined, they took one week every two months between tours to write together over the course of a year.  The result was a creative outpouring with a strong common thread – all four musicians came of age playing in the origins of punk and new wave and once again found those sounds rising up.

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Camper Van Beethoven : 8 x 10 Club – Baltimore, MD 1/15/2006

As David Lowery sang with a maniacal glint in his eye about the problems of his youth, what pissed him off then and what pisses him off now, you remembered how you stood up and shook your fist in agreement when you were seventeen. Once again at the 8 x 10 club, you couldn't help by finding yourself shaking your fist in agreement to Camper Van Beethoven.

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