Lou Gramm Remains A Jukebox Hero (INTERVIEW)

Today, Lou Gramm is healthy and feeling good. He fronts the Lou Gramm Band, that also includes his brother Ben, and they are currently touring. Plus, he has his autobiography just hitting shelves. An entertaining read, with fun stories and interesting tidbits about life in a super-successful rock band at the height of its popularity, Gramm has left the dirt and gossip to other rockers and has instead provided a Dorothy-like skip through the land of Oz. Juke Box Hero is a delightful memoir and one that Gramm recently took some time out on his birthday last week to talk with us about.

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Jeff Pilson of Foreigner (INTERVIEW)

There is no one in the music business with more energy and enthusiasm for their job than Jeff Pilson. The man is always happy, always smiling, always involved in something; whether it be traveling around the country as the bass player for Foreigner, producing records for bands like Adler and Kill Devil Hill, or recording his own music with T&N or War & Peace. He never stops. Even though he tells me, “When I’m done at the end of the day, I like to just relax and veg,” he breaks into a big laugh like even he doesn’t believe that ever happens.

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Thom Gimbel of Foreigner (INTERVIEW)

Mick Jones is the only remaining original member but guitar/sax player Tom Gimbel is right behind him at almost twenty years. Having traveled with Aerosmith and Jon Butcher, Gimbel still carries the smile of a newbie looking out at a sea of screaming fans for the first time. It is his enthusiasm that helps catapult Foreigner to the heights they go to each time they jump onto a concert stage, making this ensemble perhaps the best line-up in Foreigner’s career.

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Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA, 09/10/11

Journey is not just out there promoting old songs via a new voice. They have a new CD out called Eclipse which sounds like the Journey everyone knows and loves but carries a harder-edge punch. They played two new songs, “City Of Hope” and “Edge Of The Moment”, which teased the crowd that this band is moving forward in the right direction and not standing still.

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B List: 11 Bands w/ Only One Original Member

The ownership of band names is a tricky subject, which has filled the wallets of many lawyers thanks to the dozens of lawsuits filed over the years. As the groups of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s start to age, many acts have had to figure out who has the right to tour under the original name. This week’s B List looks at 11 groups with only one original member left in the band as of 2011.

There’s a variety of reasons why there’s only one member left in these bands. Some of the groups are a band in name only and are really a solo vehicle, some have lost members due to death and illness, while others splintered due to lawsuits and bad business decisions. Here’s our list…

11. Iron Maiden

Steve Harris – Bass

The leader of Iron Maiden started the band in 1975 as a 19-year-old in London. Over the past 35+ years, Maiden has gone through a number of lineup changes with Harris left as the only person who has been a member of Iron Maiden since the group’s inception. Guitarist Dave Murray, who remains with the band, joined Maiden just just two months after they formed.

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Tour Dates: Let’s Go On A Hipnic

For the second year in a row the underrated San Francisco-based roots-rock band The Mother Hips will play host to an extremely intimate weekend festival at the Fernwood Resort in

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