Soul Monde – Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski: Club Antidote, Vergennes, Vermont 12/12/12

Anyone who’s seen drummer Russ Lawton and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski participate in any of their various and sundry projects (TAB, Strangefolk, Vorcza, Grippo Funk Band, Dave Matthews & Friends) knows what stylish musicians they are. Now, however, formally united as the duo Soule Monde, Ray and Russ are bringing their skills to a whole other level and they made this small club seem like it was situated on Bourbon St instead of just off the main street of the smallest city in the US.

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Eric Krasno: Reminisce

Soulive fans looking for an all-together-different side to Eric Krasno’s playing style on his debut solo record Reminisce will most likely be disappointed.  This is far from a stylistic departure for Krasno as his knack for the groove comes through as sharp as ever, which, for most, is a good thing.

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Ozomatli : Fire Away

To its credit, Ozomatli offers something for everyone. Each member of the group, after all, represents a different part of the world. Ozo's sound, rich with hip-hop, salsa, funk and jazz, has underscored the band's outspoken crusade for social justice since the mid-'90s. "Gay Vatos in Love" proudly salutes gay marriage over Ulises Bella's wailing '50s-era saxophone, while the psychedelic "Love Comes Down"—Fire Away's finest moment—hits home for lovers everywhere but arrives too late in the album.

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Greyboy Allstars: Roseland Theater, Portland, OR 3/28/08

The Greyboy Allstars tend to exist where the musical culmination of funk, soul, jazz, groove and rock converge. This eclectic musical mish-mosh is in the midst of a national tour that brought them through Portland Oregon’s Roseland Theater on Friday March 28th.  As always they were greeted with much of the famed Pacific Northwest hospitality, and as the night progressed it once again became clear that we love the Allstars here in Oregon.

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