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Amy Ray – Goodnight Tender

Goodnight Tender is a gutsy, creative, and complete effort that showcases a developed and mature sound, honest, meaningful lyrics, and a more personal side of Ray that will undoubtedly please her followers and open their ears to new realms of music.

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HAIM – Days Are Gone

Between its solid songs, strong production, and varied, original pop music sound, Days Are Gone is an album for anyone who truly appreciates well-written and meaningful pop music.

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Kate Boy – Glasslands, Brooklyn NY 09/10/2013

From the band’s established singles to their fresh debuts, Kate Boy’s energetic and hip brand of electro-pop delighted and showed-off their ability to write and perform evocative and quality music distinctive from that of other Swedish electronic groups.

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Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody – Black Horses

With Black Horses, Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody succeed at creating an album of depth that can be enjoyed repeatedly from start to finish. The evolution of this seasoned musician and his supporting group will undoubtedly continue to intrigue as they bring Black Horses on the road in the near future.

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MS MR: Secondhand Rapture

MS MR’s full-length debut Secondhand Rapture (out now on Columbia Records) features a rich, consistent and at times addicting sound that reveals the band’s tremendous potential across twelve tracks.

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Dragonette: Terminal 5, New York, NY 05/08/2013

Currently touring in support of the recently released Bodyparts, Martina Sorbara and her band brought their talents to New York City on Wednesday night, taking Terminal 5 by storm and wasting no time at turning the venue into a dancehall.

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